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Top 12 for 2012

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Before yet another year draws to a close, it is time to do a recollection of what made it tops for me. Twentytwelve, the 12 food memories that made it tops this year in no order of importance. Before the list starts, special thanks to many people who have made another year in this blogosphere possible.

Family specifically the sis for still tolerating the no-touch, no-speak, no distract rule every single time the dish is laid on the table, for allowing me to punish her pockets the way I punish mine when we hang out and loading on the calories with me! Muchos gracias and lotsa love.

J, for being the most tolerant and adventurous special one. never quite the same eaten alone and shared. Thank God I found another greedy one like you!

Friends who have allowed me to dominate the choice of dining place time and again, your patience is greatly appreciated in the year ahead!

All you readers (silent and heard) for reading's amazing to know that the blog can be a foodtionary in times of need. Keep calm and continue reading. :)

Here goes!

1. CUT Bar, Marina Bay Sands

The insane thing is, it's barely even the restaurant itself and I am won heaps over. Cityspace and CUT Bar share the spot for favouritest night spot. If I may let slip, though that night ended on a merlioning note (bad memories evoked) but I really want to be back so bad!

2. Group Therapy Cafe, Duxton Hill

I've lost track the number of times I have praised them to the skies. Second year running being tops for me!

3. Xin Dau Ji, Hongkong

Amazing suckling pig, I'd declare this the must eat suckling pig before you die. Move over Anthony Bourdain's Ibu Ika.

4. Wing Wah Noodle, Hongkong

Wanton mee never ever the same again. No wonder the Hongkie thinks wanton mee is better in Hongkong.

5. Le Atelier Joel Robuchon, Hongkong

Bestest meal of the year! This stands at the top as a yardstick for michelin starred meals.

6. Salt Grill and Tapas Bar, Raffles City

The first spanish tapas bar to throw me off the socks this year. 

7. Ember, Keong Siak Street

Like Group Therapy, this is another personal favourite. Time and time again proven so wonderful.

8. Yu Cuisine, Marina Bay Sands

Very pleasant surprise as a more than decent chinese restaurant that does decent dimsum and delish ala carte. One to look out for!

9. Mozza Pizzaria, Marina Bay Sands

My definition of best pizza around!

10. Tonkotsu King Ramen, Orchid Hotel

Worthy of every queue possible, the humble ramen takes the pie for awesome!

11. Loco Tapas Bar, Boat Quay

A first Spanish buffet that was surprisingly really good.

12. Sushi Tanabe, Sapporo

Entries on Sapporo will only go out later so I shall save the spot here for memorable meal.

2012 has brought me more blessings that I can ever imagine and food is and still a huge love.

To a more food-ful 2013, cheerios!!

P.S. As we all partake in various festivities to herald the new year...the same old advice applies - drink, don't drive..otherwise, have a blast everyone!

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