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The Manhatten Pizza Co @ Orchard Central


10 inch pizza slices – SOLD on the idea. A slice of American sized junk food with The Manhatten Pizza! I have gotten sick of wishing that the next travel destination will be USA and hoping so hard that Adam Richman will do a food tour bringing his gigantic-sized food portions for his diehard fans to try.

It is interesting to note that it took Mr Joey Manoli a Singaporean to make him realise that our island needs affordable pizzas. Hence, the birth of The Mahatten Pizza.


Menu on the wall!


The rather empty restaurant. 

buffalo wings

Original Buffalo Wings    ($5.80)

Dry and lacked in flavour. Ordinary chicken drumlets.

garlic bread

Garlic Bread (top up of $0.50)

Tragic. Bread tasted like kueh with the density and the garlic spread hardly tasty.


Their salads were served in punnets. 


Green Salad    ($5.00)

The vinaigrette dressing made this refreshing.


Caesar    ($5.80)

Odd tasting Caesar dressing though kudos to the bacon bits and egg for completing the caesar salad recipe.


Sauces to go for the pizzas.


Seafood ($6.50)

meat lover

Meat Lover ($6.20)


Regina ($5.20)


Pepperoni ($5.20)

I love the sheer size of each slice – this is what getting your hands, fingers and face dirty tucking into comfort food. Asians are dainty when it comes to dealing with messy food – popiah could be the exception but then again, I eat my prata and popiah with decent cutlery. Holding up the large pizza with a thin tracing paper is gratifying, getting my cheek inch to inch with greasy cheese on bread is pretty amazing too. Getting messy for good food, no qualms about that. Their pizzas are more than decent – yet pick the flavours carefully. Starting off with a really flavourful Hawaiian and Meat Lovers caused dissonance when it came to seafood and regina (mainly mushrooms and ham). Loved how the thin pizza base could hold up against the ingredients and not end up overly soggy towards the last few bites.

I am loving this new pizza place, and prices too.

The Manhatten Pizza Co – A New York Legend
Orchard Central

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