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Tatsuya Revisited @ Goodwood Park Hotel

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The mere mention of Tatsuya's always brings a smile and the recent visit to Aoki further nudged me to book another lunch at Tatsuya to relive sushi dreams. Yet, this visit was also hot on the heels of my Japan trip.


Bar counter seats which I do not fancy much, hinders conversation especially in groups.


One year later, same room, nearly the same seats.


Towels to cleanse the hands...but then again, it's not as if I ate sushi with my hands here.


Salad that accompanies every set lunch ordered. Potato salad with lettuce and sesame dressing, appetite whetting methinks!


Sushi Set ($30.80)

The main difference between sets is the sashimi and rice dish. The companion liked it enough despite not wanting to eat a heavy meal.


Ladies Lunch Set ($26.80)

Slipper oodles of udon that was so slurpworthy yummy! Without the dipping sauce, it was plain yet with the sauce, it was plain tasty.


I fault the rice of the sushi for being too soft, even before I can place it in my mouth it disintegrates into a pretty mess. With fresh fish flown in from Tsukiji Market in Tokyo and yet another from Fukuoka, the freshness of the fish is undeniable.

Crispy prawn tempura and while I like the plump prawn nibbles, it was just ordinary.

Miso soup is still meh-dinary and chawanmushi with yuzu was pleasant.

Affordable set lunches at Tatsuya, again I say. Truth be told, Japan probably made this meal less stellar than it used to be. That being said, I still rank this as a personal favourite locally. I realise I have been ordering the same stuff through my visits.

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