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Pollen @ Gardens By The Bay

Before I begin this entry, let me just wish everyone Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year! 2012 has been good to me, presents the midst of all the merry making and boozing, I'd like to remember the real reason for this commercialisation - because Christ was born. Christian or not, take this opportunity to cherish the people you love most because they make life so complete.


The lastest attraction of 2012 next to the Marine Life Park that I want to visit is Gardens By The Bay. Too much has been heard about that place that cajoled us into combining it with dinner at Pollen - how cheapo we are!

visitor center

Christmas is in the air!


Taking a minute to admire the icons of the park.

pollen buggy

Regularly timed buggy rides for guests of Pollen - yes they do check your reservation against the list before allowing you to hop on. The ride there is zippy and there were times, I felt I was on a roller coaster (nearly falling out of it!) but it beats having to trudge there in heels.


Flower Dome that we get access too! Plenty of exhibits and posies for admiring. Even with the lack of light, it was gorgeous. I wish for a return just to have a closer look of them. One thing though, temperatures are kept at a cooling 25 degrees so it was a tad chilly at night.


At the doorsteps of the dining destination. I shall not delve so much into the history of this establishment. Mediterranean inspired European cuisine Pollen aims to present.


By night the place is cosy and rather casual though the ambience made up for it.


Each plate has a different emblem.


Posies on the table!

festive menu

There was a festive menu available on top of the usual ala carte.


Complimentary baguette and sour dough which were too dense.

scilian olives

Sicilian olives were actually quite good, juicy and well marinated.

fish paste mousse olives

Fish mousse to lather on the bread, yummy!

pork skin

Pig skin with mustard mayo - perfect table snacks.

english breakfast

Slow cooked egg, "English Breakfast" ($29)

Deconstructed poached egg on toast in minute portions, this was really average. If there was anything that intrigued me, it had to be the shade of orange of the yolk.

blue cheese

Sashimi Tuna, "Waldorf Salad" ($39)

sashimi salad

I'm getting used to their dishes being deconstructed by now. Granny smith apple shards, cubed grapes, lettuce leaves and tuna slices. I particularly adore the dollop of blue cheese cream, lovely!

taste of japan

Trip to Japan 2012, scallop sashimi, baby gem wasabi, sea urchin ($38)

horse radish

Served with horseradish powder that was visually surprising, the taste however failed to live up to expectations. Having gotten back from a trip to Japan, this was hardly wow for me as it was for the rest. No doubt really fresh and creative, portions could be bigger.

lobster salad

Butter-poached lobster salad, tomato tartare, wild fennel, tomato water ($46)

A personal favourite amongst the appetizers. Lobster created much happiness in the mouth with tomato.


Roasted Brittany cod, cauliflower cheese puree, clam chowder, cauliflower and seaweed salt ($66)

I did not get to try this but it was quite a table favourite judging from the number of orders and clean plates.


Rangers Valley 300-day tenderloin, wagyu beef cheek, hoseradish mash ($78)

Two cuts presented in one plate, the wagyu cheek was too braised and lack flavour whilst tenderloin fared better.


Just mash.


Cote de Boeuf (1kg for two to share), duck fat chips, green salad ($150)

We all expected the kilo worth to consist of bone and was pleasantly surprised to find the full kilo worth of beef. Well charred and nicely marinated, the beef was cooked to medium doneness and was a tad raw for me towards the center. Marbling made this way better than the tenderloin or beef cheek, worth the price tag methinks.


Just salad.

duck fat potatoes

These duck fat potatoes were pretty ordinary fat chips without much fuss. A dip for this would have been nice.

chocolate yogurt

Palette cleanser of chocolate and yogurt. I thought the sour yogurt actually went well with the mildly sweet chocolate cream.


Coffee and cognac, honey truffle cream, hazelnut crocante ($19.50)


It could be it arriving on a stone that got us all marvelling at it. Portions are as tiny as it can get. One bite each was all it took to polish this off. Cognac was heavily infused  into the raisins and coffee was well balanced too.

pb jelly

PB and J - Peanut butter and blueberry sorbet ($19.50)

Peanut butter and jelly brings back wonderful childhood memories though I never quite had them in the same sandwich. One mighty dessert that captured the essence of both really well. The savoury nuttiness of peanut butter and tartness of blueberry - one amazing combination on a dessert place.

lemon meringue

Crispy and burnt lemon meringue with cucumber sorbet ($19)

Cucumber sorbet was hard to stomach somehow, too green in taste for comfort thought the meringue was actually quite pleasant.

birthday love 

For the birthday boy! There is a selection of macarons and financiers for takeaway at the counter too!

Pollen is pricey. Face it, I ended up being compensated with by the ambience and beautiful flowers. There are stellar dishes as there are disappointing ones. The same rule of thumb applies - pick wisely. Service hovered between attentive and shoddy - my cup of warm waster was regularly refilled.

In any case, we will be back for their more affordable lunches and a walk in the park. 

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