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Platters Bistro @ Club Street

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Platters grabbed the attention for having chefs on consignment – translated as visiting chefs who do a short stint to showcase their prowess for a limited period and judging from the rave reviews and crowds, I thought it would be the perfect place for a hangout. We were all looking forward to Chef Yen Koh’s squid ink cones in one of the dishes truth be told. 






Roll with it ($36)
deep-fried prawn meat roll with scallops and Chinese pear / mirin and mayonnaise sauce / bacon with enoki mushroom / wasabi-mayonnaise dip / chilled pork belly with freshly sliced cucumber / homemade minced garlic dressing

This resembled a hot version of cold dish served at Chinese weddings. The items were served piping hot and were delicious but we were all seeking the wow moment to transcend on our palettes.


The Boner ($88)
pork spare ribs with coffee sauce / baked lamb ribs with spicy black pepper sauce / braised beef rib (bone-in) with Chef Tan's signature homemade sauce

This was one pricey platter and in order of preference,


Tender baked lamb ribs, firm yet flavourful braised beef rib and sweet and sour pork equivalent spare ribs. Definitely dishes that would appear in a zichar meal so there is a hovering thought that these are premium priced zichar dishes.




By the seaside ($82)
baked sea perch / honey sauce marinate / pan-fried Canadian scallops / green bean puree / crispy wild sea prawns / lemon-lime cream dressing

None too spectacular though the sauces were exquisite in taste and spot on with flavours.


Cotes du Rhones ($70)


A visit to a wine bar is definitely not complete without wine. Priced reasonably, this floral Italian wine was smooth and was a great pairing with the red meats we were having that night. Truly, these guys know their wines and that made the visit more memorable!

hibiscus jelly

A Sweet Flourish ($22)
rosella hibiscus flower jelly / Asian style pancake with red bean paste and sesame seeds

red bean

The pancake is a must order for all my visits to any dimsum establishment and while this fragrant pastry wowed until I started chomping, the hibiscus jelly was more of a stunner with the unique use of hibiscus.

There are two portions to choose from, half or full boards which is ideal for diners wanting to try abit of everything. Given that the menu is limited so it is easy to try if one goes in groups but this communal dining hardly comes cheap. Portions are not entirely huge, adequate for lots of chatter, a swig of wine and nibbles to last through the night. I appreciate the idea of having rotating chefs for a couple of months which keeps the surprise factor under wraps and diners going back to check out other offerings. For this third edition, it is helmed by Chef Tan Yong Hua who specialises mainly in Chinese cuisine as tasted in his offerings that night.
We were satisfied with the experience and maybe a return for the next visiting chef!

Platters Bitro. Wine Bar
42 Club Street

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  1. Hi

    May I know if the prices of the platters above are for the large or small platter?

    I read that for 2-3 pax, the small platter should be ordered. I saw that you tried all the platters. Would you be able to advise on how many platters 2-3 pax are likely to order, for my budgeting purpose? Thanks

  2. @anon: hi there! the prices included are large for seaside and boner if I'm not wrong. The portions aren't huge to be honest though with wine we ended up full. We are a group of 4, 2 guys and 2 girls so the above was just ok. Hope that helps!