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Nando's @ The Star Vista

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I like roast chicken, the way I like it. No brainer perhaps for good old roast chicken but few actually do it the way I desire. Yonks back I flicked Nando’s off as overpriced and overhyped, until cheaper and less tasty options like Barcelo’s was attempted, likewise for cheaper and tastier options in The Rotisserie.

Nando’s at The Star Vista is one of the many that garners neverending queues. With outdoor and indoor dining options, most have opted for indoor and faced at least 20 minute waiting time. Outdoor is getting passersby having a full view of your dinner and full understanding of your dinner conversations.


All the bottles of sauces.


Mushroom Soup ($5)

I would not classify this as mushroom soup per se, more like a seafood soup with mushrooms. MSG laden with a thin consistency. The buttered toasts were soft and tasty.

Jumbo Meal ($85)
2 whole chickens, 5 sides

Decently tender and well flavoured chickens, I could have gotten used to Spicy Peri Peri for it hardly raised an eyebrow. Their condiments tend to be on the sour side.




Too creamy.

They could have been crispier.

Butter Rice
This could pass off as plain rice.

A tad tasteless.

Grilled Vegetables
A dash of salt would have been ideal.

Just go for the chicken, their sides are hardly inspiring.

The Star Vista

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