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Menya Mushashi @ Raffles City

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Menya Mushashi first gained awareness as the ramen shop with extra portions at no cost. Yet, there are restrictions – no sharing, orders have to be placed at the start and the supposed “5 times” of 600 grams of ramen is nothing but a hoax – they have a cap on 3 portions.


The salad was actually quite tasty with char siew bits replacing bacon and the delicious toss of sauce. 


White Kakuni Ramen ($14.50)


Broth was lighter than mine with a dipping sauce.

white tsukune

Signature Tsukune Dipping Noodle


Flavour was hardly as memorable as Ramen Champion’s. I prefer dipping noodles because I can control the consistency of the noodles that way. The noodles clumped together half way through the bowl. The slices of pork were mildly seasoned and really ordinary.

Disappointing ramen place I say – not worthy of the queues that snake on forever. Anytime, I can find a better alternative. Boo.

Menya Mushashi
Raffles City

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  1. "600 grams of ramen is nothing but a hoax – they have a cap on 3 portions"

    What?! I have just conquered the 3x, was looking forward to move on to 5x! =(

  2. can see if they accede to your request!