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Lei Garden Revisited @ Chijmes

The first visit was hardly memorable yet we ended up there again for dinner one night. I reckon Lei Garden gets listed as a must try in the local guide book hence the number of tourists that night.


Usual fanfare.


Regular table setting.

xo spicy chilli

X.O. Spicy Sauce that is a signature and got us picking at it to quell the hunger. Where are the braised peanuts or even oily peanuts when I need them?

one whole duck

Peking Duck ($62)

We were discouraged from ordering a full duck for us three but hunger at that point in time was all we thought of.

peking duck

Crispy duck skin wrapped in crepe, cucumbers and sweet sauce are added in separately. Lovely greasy slices of crispy skin which overshadowed the sweet crepe, a doughy one would have been perfect!

chopped duck

The rest chopped up and mostly da-pao-ed home. Very decent duck I must say without any trace of gameyness and super tender! Plus point goes to it not being over marinated too.

tofu with hairy crab roe

Limited time specialty of hairy crab roe with tofu ($42), presentation certainly gets top marks. The crab roe was the star, creamy and very decadent with the contrast of that and the plain tofu.

eefu noodles

Braised Eeful Noodle with Mushroom in Abalone Sauce ($22)

Their signature eefu noodles that won top marks for flavour and wok hei. Eefu noodles usually go wrong for me but this is springy and tasty even without expensive ingredients.

stewed chicken

Stewed Chicken with Herbs

Very ordinary chicken dish, it was too sweet with too much flour used.


Where's the leaves?

Once again ordinary meal at Lei Garden. Lunch and dinner attempted, still not a fan. Waitresses push their expensive dishes too hard even when she discouraged us from ordering the full duck.

Lei Garden

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