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Kaixo @ Tanjong Pagar Road

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Kaixo, pronounced Kai-sho is the newest on the set of tapas places. Helmed by Chef Issachar Lee, he aims to bring Basque cuisine to the local community through his humble eats. Their menu is not extensive and has been reduced further for this festive period but there is a christmas course menu to pick from which surprisingly does not showcase signatures.




The cosy 20 seater.


Ergonomic cutlery.

Their signature pinxos (open faced sandwiches, 3 for $12, 5 for $20) are available over the counter and at one time there are up to 7 types available.


Quince, comte cheese

Quince like jam is overly sweet and negated the savouriness of comte cheese.

Salted Cod

There was a metallic taste about the cod which I did not fancy too hugely.

Egg mayo, tomato,

This could pass off as an egg mayo sandwich, overpowering the other ingredients.

Bread used was too dense infact which made chewing in morsels a task. I find it unglamorous trying to stuff the portion in one bite without trying to look greedy.

matchstick fries

Matchstick fries with compliments from the chef. These are fine and dandy but they were sliced so fine, I can barely taste potato in them. Would probably be great as a garnish rather than a snack.


Cappucino of pumpkin, lentils and foie gras ($14)

To drink this, the spoon has to dig deep within to get all the flavours if not it will be in order of pumpkin puree, lentil puree and a crispy crusted sliver of foie gras. While I do not claim this to be orgasmic, the flavours do hit the spot quite well.


Sous Vide Organic Eggs in a nest ($12)

Deemed another signature and the start of the soupy business this meal. Chicken consomme was plain tasting though and the fact that it was served lukewarm made it less than desirable. I found no magic in the combination - even with organic eggs. The burdock shreds were just ornamental. Possibly something that a home chef could whip up, rather pedestrian in taste.


Iberian Pork with Apple Puree, Potato and Bacon Millefeuille  ($20)

Done two ways, I finally found some agreement with the food. Unctuous joy derived with each bite of pork. The apple puree was quite a sour thumb though. Potato and bacon mille feuille was quite a presentation with potato and bacon woven into an artpiece.

seafood stew

Catalun Style Seafood Stew ($16)

I fault this on the unpleasant metallic taste that the seafood has despite the tasty combination of herbs and vegetables used to create the broth. A letdown truly.


Braised Yellowtail in Tomatoes ($14)

Presentation was cute in a tin can - like tuna! Potatoes and yellowtail cubes served hot. Bread should have been provided to complete the experience. This could double up as a spread. I was not surprised by the flavours but the mild curry combination was interesting.

tomato gazpacho

The chef was kind enough to present yet another complimentary Cherry tomato gazpacho to cleanse our palettes. A little tart infact, the sourness was the only thing I remembered of the watery tomato soup.

It could have been the selection of items which resulted in a soupier meal than usual. I suppose pigeon could have been stellar. Desserts were not up the alley - mostly chocolate or coffee. I could have expected more about this newly opened establishment, unfair to compare it to Catalunya in any regard yet tapas being tapas is a hit and miss.

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