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Haxen Haus @ The Pier at Robertson


Replacing Brasserie Wolf is a more casual German bar and restaurant. I have had a German meal one too many here to wave off any more visits to be honest. The only reason why we all ended up there was because the companion craved a good and cheap beer and this was hardly as packed as Brussel Sprouts next door. 


Murals on the wall.


Pool table!


Limited time promotion.



pork knuckle

Crispy Pork Knuckle ($31)

Even with Oktoberfest long gone, over and forgotten, it still did not stop the restaurant from featuring it as a special with promotional prices to match, neither did it stop the companions for ordering it. My only wish was for it not to be too salty. The portions are huge – so huge, it puts the 31 buckeroo price tag to shame. At least I was compelled to mark a revisit as soon as I can to fully enjoy the promotional price. Hardly salty, this is definitely a prized gem. I used to lament how the pork knuckles here are made to preserve and such a far cry from Germany’s. Prayers answered in Haxen Haus. Barely marinated, the porkey taste mild and crispy pig skin so addictively crunchy – the pig died for a reason, a fairly good one too!


Pickled vegetables.

rice cake

Saukeraut was well balanced but I did not love the rice cake that resembled a german ketupat. 


Emperor’s Pancake ($14)

20 minutes for this to arrive – the old school icing sugar and strawberries with what looked like French toasties was a familiar dessert. The foamy texture was easy to like but the caramelized crust was a tad too sweet and prunes somehow was just ordinary with it.

Outstanding pork knuckle that made this visit more than memorable. A great pity that it is not crowded because for a fact, they do serve up rather authentic german food!

Haxen Haus
The Pier at Robertson #01-13

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