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Han Kang Korean Restaurant @ Mackenzie Road

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han kang

J bought Groupon vouchers for a Korean BBQ and little did we know it was not quite accessible or known to the public. This place is secluded..lost in a lane though it is within walking distance from Little India Station. Housed like a shed, it is an open concept Korean BBQ without the furnishings that the more upmarket restaurants would have.

buffet spread

The cooked food area was limiting but we still did not go beyond one serving though.


Mandatory kimchi at every korean meal.

kimchi soup

Kimchi Soup

The tofu slices were sour in the already sour soup from the generous portion of kimchi used.

Seaweed Soup

More normal tasting at least.

Rice cake

A fan of this dish - dense rice cakes in sweet sauce!


Both were as dubious as they look - cheap SPAM.

cooked food

Vermicelli was too soft.



The first bimbimbap I’ve eaten that is vegetarian. I particularly loved the chopped lettuce though.
There was a list of made to order dishes and they came piping hot - plus point!

kimchi pancake

Kimchi Pancake

To be eaten hot, this was doughy and rich in kimchi. Every bite was filled with kimchi, unless you are a fan of it…I suggest you not to order.

The main reason why we had dinner there.


There was a selection of meats in the platter for BBQ-ing and inspite of beef, chicken or lamb, all of which tasted the same. The cuts were lean and well marinated.

With Korean pop playing in the background, this possibly cannot get more authentic but it was really just average. The usual banchan was also missing from the meal. 

Original price of this buffet goes for $25 per pax, which I deem decent priced but the food has nothing to yell about.

Han Kang Korean Restaurant
11 Mackenzie Road
1st Floor FL G4 Station Hostel

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  1. This restaurant is real bad.. If this represents korean cuisine, I will never ever touch korean food ever again.

    What makes it worse, is the attitude and customer service!!! there is this uncle that is superbly rude.

    IF you don't believe check the reviews from hungrygowhere!