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Glory Catering @ East Coast Road

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It has been ages since we dined at Glory’s and the usual dinner takeaways were at least years back…a great time to rekindle this support for Peranakan food. Katong has plenty of food gems and peranakan food is one of which that makes me proud to be an Easterner. 

glory catering

Branded tissues!


Bitter Gourd with Egg

Really bitter bitter gourd here, well…just to fill in intake of greens for the meal

Kang Kong with Chilli

Dry looking kangkong with chilli that did not seem to go with the dish.

Beef Rendang

Loved this best! Spicy and very meaty.

Grilled Chicken

Taste paled in comparison when curry was the focus of the meal. I found the chicken too soft as well.
fish and brinjal

Curry Fish

Fish probably is not fresh but the tasty curry managed to overshadow that. Somehow between Indian curry fish and peranakan, I prefer the latter better.

ikan bakar

Ikan Bakar

Decently grilled fish that was well seasoned with herbs.


Grilled Squid

Stuffed with roe, the companions loved it.

And there were seconds!



I have a soft spot for bergerdil, this was really just fried mashed potato – nothing fancy.
drinks menu

Drink menu to wash down the grease.


Iced Chin Chow

Way too sweet, I could have gotten a toothache from it.

Meal for 3 came up to $70, not your regular caipng. I would recommend just sticking to the curries which they do so fine and end up spoiling the tastebuds for the meal. Their curries would leave you scraping the plate for more and wishing portions are bigger. Until the next peranakan food craving!

Glory Catering
139 East Coast Road

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  1. Wonderful blogger, I love this post! And damn it makes me hungry :)