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Forty H4nds @ Yong Siak Street

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40 H4nds has gone from new kid on the block to hottest new discovery to an established name with dropping food standards – or so the pals have been musing. Despite that, its 8am opening time was good enough to warrant a visit. Hardly filled with brunchers, I was thrilled. Dining amidst crowds on a Sunday is claustrophobic as demonstrated by Tiong Bahru Bakery a couple of lanes away. I thrive on chillax over the weekends. 


Eyecatching old school steamer.


It could be the parchment rolls that double up as menus...loving these little touches.


A decent spread of coffee choices.


Tumbler love!

number tag

Cute number blocks as tags.


Tau Sar Pao ($2.50)

Red bean bun with nipples as advertised and the Gen Y-ers of friends thought I meant nibbles with the booboo made on facebook. No, I reiterate they serve up buns with nipples. Not that it was a huge reason why I even bothered ordering this “obscene” snack. 


Pricey for a bite of the past – not quite since tau sar paus are still being sold all over, as long as there is a coffeeshop with a drink seller. Most if not all the time there will be a steamer with factory made dim sum like these. Remarkably soft bun with a mildly sweet and smooth red bean paste. The price premium is obvious but it definitely did not taste run of the factory kind of pedestrian!

big boys

Big Boy Breakfast ($18)


Their version of an ultimate breakfast – chipolata sausages, two poached eggs, pita bread, sauteed mushrooms, minced meat sauce and grilled tomatoes. I love the pan they serve it in – old school rocks! Everything was well done except for the eggs which were overcooked for one and just right for the other. Dried hollandaise sauce made it less than desirable but that aside, personal favourite (and the most unlikely item too!) went to spicy chipolata sausages  - gratifying much! Too much for one, unless ravenous is what you are…totally value for money if shared!

Service is attentive and ambience great for cosy chats until the crowds come in. Menu looks limited I say – perhaps more dessert could do the trick. Will be back…!

Forty H4nds
Blk 78 Yong Siak Street #01-12

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