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Black Opal @ The Jewel Box, Mount Faber


Festive love all over.


I always think such festive touches are necessary during christmas.

black opal

The Jewel Box used to wow me years back when I headed there for drinks – at that point, I thought it to be the most romantic place I have ever step foot on. It could be its location – perched high on a mini mountain with dazzling lights and cool breeze that made it highly romantic and possibly the happiest place to be at.

Jewel Box is home to a few culinary concepts – Opal Box and The Sapphire serve the same menu. While I was there, the only occupants were Japanese tourists, methinks packaged as part of a tour site seeing destination where everyone had the same dishes.


The multi million dollar view, I was talking about Reflections.



We were given a table hardly cleaned; bread crumbs all over and water stained cutlery is definitely not the way to start a good meal.

Complimentary baguettes with butter were ordinary but these had to be requested and not presented immeditately. One service glitch to fault on.

pumpkin soup

Pumpkin Soup

The companion thought it was pretty good.


Caesar Salad

Drenched in sauce, this would have been great without the overgenerosity.


Green Salad

This salad was more like one – greens and a delicious dressing.



Breaded generous chunk of shredded crabmeat without a trace of fishyness. Yum!



Decently fresh and succulent. Possibly the most decent of them all.


Chicken Roulade

Simply chicken skin stuffed with chicken breast and minced chicken. Lacking in flavour and hardly wow, this was really subpar.

pork belly

Pork Belly Confit ($28)

I fell prey to “confit”, brushing aside suspicions of a braised number. True enough, it was braised and as much as I should applaud the chef for a job done well, the layers of fat and hardly crispy skin was a turn off. Plating was not fabulous either, somewhat slipshod effort.

seafood penne

Seafood Penne Pasta

Ordinary at best, the only consolation is the seafood chunks in this tomato based pasta.


Chocolate Ecstasy

This chocolate dome is not to be eaten alone – rich and ended up being too cloying. I particularly loved the layers in it.


Berry crumble with premium vanilla icecream

A soggy crumble with vanilla bean icecream. Nothing too fancy either.



A modern take on a traditional classic – the red beans and green jellies tasted straight out of a can. Jelly was alright.


The toilets are…world class, for sure with a picturesque view of cable cars and lush greens – perfect Kodak moments though the interior of the toilets failed to match up to the posh toilet exteriors.

Opal comes across as one of those places that sells on view rather than service or food. It could have been the choices made but it was a really average dining experience.

Set lunches start from $28.

Black Opal
Jewel Box, Mount Faber 

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