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Soup Spoon Addict

Soup Spoon and me go back so far back in time - from the first mickey-moused sized shop at Raffles City. I once questioned if anyone would enjoy soups as meals...look at where they are today! They remain my favourite soup place of all time. Loving their loyalty card programme too!

This trail was done over a couple of months and I reckon some of the weekly specials have either been canned by now.


Good enough for fuel of the day!

beef soup

Hearty Beet Borscht with Beef and Cabbage  ($7.90)

Comes with dill and sour cream side, this beet soup got me all excited especially so with the recent beet-anything craze. This chunky beef soup has a sour tinge to it - not sure if it's the combination of beets and cabbage but was on the acidic side. Missed out on the heartyness that their meat soups normally has. Sour cream with soup only makes it milkier.

simon garfunkl

Simon and Garfunkel Chicken and Mushroom Ragout ($7.30)
I remember raving about this the day it was launched eons ago as a special and I headed there days consecutively so that I can get as much of this soup before it was gone. Used to come with crackers and sour cream, methinks the kitchen has tweaked the recipe quite a bit. Did not taste as hearty and appetizing as before. Reminded me of Secret Recipe's cornish pastry in a soup.


Velvety Mushroom Stroganoff ($7.30)

The perennial favourite with earthy mushrooms.

miso nabe

Their weekly special of Miso Nabe, a rustic rich miso-based soup with chicken chunks, lotus root and root vegetables. Lovely one! Yet another one that has found a fan in me, I hope they keep it on the menu!

simon and garfunkl

Simon Garfunkl

Chicken Cacciatore

Chicken Cacciatore with Portobello and Sage

Cacciatore got me picking it over the usual order of Simon Garfunkl. This tomato-based stew was hearty with tender chicken chunks and a ton of root vegetables. Not too huge a fan of it somewhat, as much as I love portobello and chicken. 

Lemony Chicken with Mustard 
Red and green peppers, button mushrooms, potaoes, carrots, lemon, mustard

Inspired by Lemony Snicket’s ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’, this had a cute name to match. Somehow the name outshone the taste for this. On the bland side with their regular ingredients of root vegetables and chicken. Not totally enjoyable as a special.

 carrot walnut

Carrot Walnut Cake ($4.80)

More than decent attempt by Soup Spoon though I would not classify this the bestest I ever had. Comfort food with the calories to match. Surprise find - loved the chockful of walnuts and carrot. Moist one here!

I'm a Soup Spoon Addict...and proud to be one!

Soup Spoon

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  1. aah...this post made me remember the days when I was on a diet mode and ended up having 2 bowls. :) Sim and Gar was my favorite!

  2. @lorraine: hey!!! *waves* I love simon and garfunkl..until they tweaked the recipe!