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Fine spirits by La Maison Du Whisky @ Robertson Walk

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upon a time, they charged a cover to enter and a separate charge for drinks ordered. Their collection of more than 600 whiskey spans across continents for both rare and common ones, is indeed every whiskey lover’s dream come through.  Entering this small shop is akin to stepping into a separate world altogether. As much as Robertson Walk hustles and bustles on a Friday evening, behind the glass doors everything comes to a calming standstill. We managed to get counter seats right in the middle of a whiskey cellar – shelves and shelves of prized spirits. The menu spans over thirty pages and only for the whiskey lover, I reiterate. 

fine spirits indeed 

I am no whiskey fan but even sitting in the bar and watching the the bartenders concoct cocktails or fill glasses with whiskey is enthralling enough. 


Bottles lining the counter. Make an order, the bartender tipples it and places the bottle you've just ordered infront of you.

more bottles


The glass to dip the stirrer in.

lovely crimson red

Lovely crimson!

first up

First up by Chivas Brothers, Strathisla. ($12)


12 years old and I winced at the first sip. Burnt all the way down with an unpleasant aftertaste which the liquor fan who had a face of complete bliss.

whisky 2 

Another that I forgot what. Love their huge cubes of ice!



apple liquer

I must have been such a sorry sight seated in a whiskey bar without a drink in hand that the bartender very sweetly offered me an apple liquer. Intensely fragrant – I swear I could smell a green apple orchard in that one whiff. The sweetness was addictive too, it honestly could pass off as an alcoholic apple juice. A great pity this is not available on the menu, if not I’d be heading back many times over just for this!

“Too much of anything is bad, but too much of good whiskey is barely enough.”  - Mark Twain. I’m sure the whiskey lover concurs.

Fine spirits by La Maison Du Whisky
The Pier @ Robertson Quay
80 Mohamed Sultan Road, #01-10

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