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En Dining @ UE Square

en dining

Mohammad Sultan like Cuppage is an area meant for the Jap expats to chow down their homesickness in any of the Japanese bars or dining establishments that the whole area is littered with. Under the En Group is En Grill and Bar, En Dining and Z’en all within walking distance from each other. En Dining opens only at 6pm to a hungry crowd with two areas for dining – cosy interior or al fresco.

wafu steak

Wafu Steak ($17.50)

Recommended online, this was too sinewy at parts and tender at the edges – reckon the cut of the steak was not great to begin with. The side of lettuce with Japanese mayo seemed more appetizing.


Kawaebi ($9.50)

Like molten custard pau is to a dimsum menu, kawaebi is the case for a Japanese snack these days. Comes with a wedge of lemon and drizzle of salt, these hollow crustaceans were too crisp to begin with and existence of meat barely tasted. Dreaming of the delish from Salt Grill!

enoki bacon

Enoki Bacon ($7)

Juicy enoki and salty bacon – heaven.


Shitake Niku ($7.50)

In comparison this charred one was less flavourful. Juicy mushrooms with meat paste.

butter horensu

Horensou Butter ($8)

Stirfried spinach with butter and crispy garlic. I love nibbling on sliced garlic – particularly the smokey taste. This was pretty much an ordinary vegetable dish.


Hotate Sashimi ($16, before 50%)

Happy hour special from 6-8pm gets you a 50% discount off select sashimi and sushi dishes. This was simply two plump scallops sliced thinly. Would have preferred if they didn’t slice it though. A great pity their swordfish was sold out, otherwise this discount would work better for sushi.

Service is spotty unfortunately, I either got a Japanese waiter who struggled with his English or yet another waitress who insisted on billing us for the additional cup of oolong tea when all we wanted was a refill. Food over service at En Dining.

En Dining
UE Square, #01-57

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