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Dragon Boat Festival: Din Tai Fung Dumplings

Special thanks to Leen! 

din tai fung

With dragon boat festival just over, hotels and restaurants were vying for that place on the dining table with various rice dumpling flavours. I gave up trying to order Hoo Kee - by the time I realised I am weeks away from the festival, the waiting list is already full. Here's a three parter on the rice dumplings that the family and I consumed!


Din Tai Fung has just two flavours for selection this year - keeping things simple with sweet and savoury. Their dumplings come in a unique pillow shape, unique to Hu Zhou region, instead of the usual pyramid-shaped ones. Packaging is wonderful for gifting - loved the oriental touches of a bamboo box.


Rice Dumpling with Flavoured Pork ($5.50 at MBS, $5.30 at all other outlets)
pork, secret homemade marinade

The chefs pride themselves in the dumplings that require at least an six hour intensive cooking. Top grade Taiwan pearl rice is used which results in a chewy and extra smooth bite. I found the rice somewhat too soft for the savoury. A tad on the oily side but the flavours are kept simple with pork belly.


Red Bean Rice Dumpling ($5 at MBS and RWS, $4.80 at all other outlets)

The rice grains were chewier here and went well with the moderately sweet yet incredibly smooth red bean filling.

Din Tai Fung

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