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NYC Bagel Factory Bagels

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The first chance encounter with NYC Bagel Factory was at a counter outside Tanglin Mall's Cold Storage outlet, not too sure if it's still around but that piqued the interest. I have a love hate affair with bagels -

I love it because it fits the bill of a hearty breakfast item like muffins, waffles and scrambled eggs.
I hate it because like croissants, finding one that fits the tastebud is an uphill task. They tend to be shaped like one but lack the oomph or end up too dense and tight.

Out of sheer misunderstanding, I thought NYC Bakery Factory is imported - even with flavours like coconut pandan that is through and through local. Anyhow, to crack the code - it is local.

20 varieties of bagel flavours to choose from - holy grail! Choices are always welcomed.

stack of three

Packed in such easy to eat bags - tear open and get ready to chomp.




Mildly flavoured, this savoury was easy to eat.

coconut pandan

Coconut Pandan

Loved the roasted coconut shavings on this uniquely Singapore flavour. Perfect with kaya. I would give up kaya roti for this, in a heartbeat.

cinnamon bagel

Cinnamon Raisin 

Slightly dry, this smelt pretty good but ended up being just a raisin bagel.

Their bagels have the right bite and density - trumps several over the counter options! I look forward to trying out other flavours.

From $1.50 each.

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