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His Glory Cafe @ Clifford Center

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Hidden in a corner, this cramped cafe sits 10 at a stretch and manoeuvring around it is tedious. Great coffee, I was told. Not that I am a coffee drinker per se but there is just something about this cafe that makes it cosy, down to earth and so easy to love.


Manned by a couple who loves God amongst other things and of course, coffee, the menu is limited. The only nibbles found are toasts.


Cafe Americano ($1.80)
without milk

The coffee addict claims it's the best around and getting a seat was godsent. Coffeebeans ground well, the right temperature, the right technique thrown in...the cuppa's all good. 

Honey Lemon Drink ($2.20)

While a random barley drink goes for $2 or less, here's one slightly more expensive but really good. Honey and lemon sounds easy? Perhaps so but this was

A good alternative to overhyped Ah Mei, Coffee and Toast and Mr Teh Tarik even.  When you think CBD is all about Starbucks and Coffeebean, think again. Here is His Glory Cafe with a fraction of those prices and way more wholesome.

His Glory Cafe
#02-03 Clifford Centre

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  1. Gotta love our religious diversity. A Muslim tudang-clad lady in an overtly Christian coffee joint.

    (I'm assuming the coffee joint is, in fact, Christian based, right?)

  2. @ Bern: haha she was flipping the bible though. :)

  3. to be honest, this cafe looks more like a malay barber shop.

  4. @stormtrooper: HAHAHAH...dont you just miss CBD?