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Gandum Bakery @ Joo Chiat

Bengali curry puffs are the new Old Chang Kee. I almost did not believe the Dad when he proudly introduced the new snack to the family. Afterall Bengali cuisine is almost unheard of within the family, at least not in the same way that North Indian and South Indian curries and naans are.

Here's why Gandum sells 1000 pieces daily and why I am joining the fanclub;

1) Priced so affordable!

It is slightly over a dollar for a portion that would trump Old Chang Kee's, 1A's or even Polar's multiple times over. Gone are the days that I bother to complain about the increasing prices and shrinking portions - that is quite a double whammy on its own. Here comes one snack that over turns all of the myth about price inflation.

2) Packed with enough spices to make Bollywood as enticing as Hollywood.

The fragrance of spices is unbeatable, every bite unveils a flurry of sensory awakenings.

3) Variety!

beef rendang puff

Beef Rendang Curry Puff tastes like a dish of beef rendang on its own - potency maxed!

chicken puff

Chicken for the less adventurous.


More of the generously stuffed.

4) It tastes amazingly good. 

So good, I would dare say I did suspect the tastebuds of lying at some point. Usually not a fan of crispy layers and the mess I create - this was barely oily and immensely gratifying as I bite into the layers. Well marinated stuffing of potatoes and beef. 

5) Baked, not fried.

Enough said, healthier alternative to the fried counterparts!

That being said, I can foresee it being a staple in our weekend tea times for a long while!

Gandum Bakery
101 Joo Chiat Road

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  1. why are all the good food located in the east! (Joo Chiat)!

  2. @foodiefc: rent should be cheaper here! haha