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Basil Leaf @ The Sail

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basil leaf

Having walked past Basil Leaf tons of times, I finally slowed down for lunch there one day. Usually fairly packed, the crowds were bearable that day.


Roasted Ribeye Sandwich ($9.90)

I had foccacia with it. Tired looking salad with chips from an opened bag yet thankfully the sandwich was meant to be a star and it was.

beef sandwich

Crusty buttered foccacia bread lathered with mustard and stuffed with multiple layers of roast beef – comfort food at its peak. Eating with my fingers would have been a sensational experience but I refrained from that, somehow.


Salmon ($13.90)

Panfried and fresh, I thought this was decent at best. Homemade dish.

Value for money offerings especially in a place like The Sail. Waffles and breakfast items shrieking at me next but it is about stealing time away from work for that brunch!

Basil Leaf
The Sail

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