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Wild Goose Chase

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The family friend went on a trip to China recently and victoriously brought home some geese egg neatly packed like some prized possession. So, naturally dinners would revolve around this new star - the size of four chicken eggs.

goose egg

First up goose egg omelette - obviously hues darker than the usual egg omelette. Taste wise, I could not quite differentiate.

goose egg omelette

When boiled, the differences were more evident. The proportion of yolk is alot bigger as compared to white in the goose egg than chicken egg. Texture of yolk was thicker too and egg white had a certain stachyness to it - possibly the dull grey shade too!


Spot the greyer shade?

goose egg 

Spot the disproportionate yolk to egg white. The yolk is alot denser than chicken egg yolk. Let's just say the taste differences for boiled egg as opposed to fried is more stark.

Always an intriguing experience to encounter such food items - especially when they are not so readily available locally.

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  1. wow. I have never tried geese egg before! Wow, must have taken lots of effort to bring it back to SG!

  2. @Foodie FC: haha, well it wasnt me bringing it back! ;P