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Square Buns Junior @ One Raffles Place

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This is Chewy Junior's spin off for cinnamon buns. They are no newcomer either. I am a huge cinnamon bun fan - the sticky chewy rich kind that Cinnamon Tree Bakery once had at Great World City. I suppose cinnamon buns do not resonate that well in Singapore hence the opening and closing of similar shops.

chewy square buns

Delightful squares.


Square Buns Original

Mildly flavoured with cinnamon, I would have preferred if this packed a weebit more punch.

Jr Marble Cheese

Just like the other cream cheese flavours, this was not too bad.


Jr Cheese and Almond

Thick cream cheese dusted with almond flakes.

apple cheese

Jr Cream Cheese and Apple

This is more complementary than cheese and almond. The sweetness of apple and savoury cheese was quite a winner.

blueberry cheese

Jr Cream Cheese and Blueberry

Nice contrast of savoury and sweet here.

chocolate fudge

Jr Chocolate Fudge

Chocoholic loved it through and through - fingerlicking good. 

Jr Oreo

Just like how oreo would taste in a bun.


Jr Cheddar



Jr Banana

Barely ripe bananas gave this a mildly sweet flavour.


Jr Durian

Lathered with Durian Kaya, this smelt so intense.

Depending which corner of the baking tray the square bun came from, they are generally moist with a mild whiff of cinnamon. For an end of day special of 10 for $10, additional surcharge of $0.20 for premium flavours usually costing $1.60...a good steal!

Square Buns Junior
One Raffles Place, OUB Centre
Shopping Podium, #B1-03D

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  1. Tried these buns before, totally not impressed. I thought the bun texture was bad and not cinnamon-bun-pull-apart-like.

    Have you tried the sticky buns from Simply Bread? Those are mad delish! Mega addictive! You can get the sticky buns at Simply Sandwich along Robinson Road. One bite & you'll never go back to any other cinnamon bun again!

  2. @ice: haha, i wont say i am impressed..that's almost all that's left with the cinnamon buns around! Nope not yet..ok, shall be on the look out!

  3. I still like the ones from Cinnamon tree @ Great World, more authentic. They are extremely generous with the cinnamon powder!!! Every bite is just heavens. Although it's rather expensive at $2.60 per piece, it's definitely worth the money.

  4. @annon: Yea I guess! Better pay them a visit soon to get that cinnabun fix!

    1. I think Cinnamon tree @ Great World City is long gone..