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Restaurant Week: Table on 7 @ Mohammad Sultan

sundays closed

The irony is they are usually closed on Sundays but made an exception for Restaurant Week!

table at 7

I missed out on Table on 7 the last restaurant week and when it was one of the options for dining, it became a fastest fingers first mentality. Located along Mohamad Sultan Road, it is easy to spot. Along the same row is Chikuwa Tei, a couple of Japanese restaurants that operate hidden away from the public view and of course, The Patissier.

table setting

Stiff napkins.


The last of restaurant week!

table at 7 menu

Table at 7 by Karl and Eugenia.


Could not resist this super posy table ornament.


Corners like these get me enthralled.


Table on 7 is small – seats 30 at max and we were seated almost immediately after stepping in.


Complimentary bread slices were served thereafter, doughy slices of heaven I have to rave. Each serving is carefully dusted with dough and served in what looks like a bread jacket to keep warm. My main grouse about it is, the servings given. For a table of 3, we were served 4 slices.

belachan and sauces

This came with balsamic vinegar and chilli paste with a dash of lime. Butter, if you require, needs to be made known. I liked the alternative dip they provided. Topmarks given for the spicy belachan paste that supposedly went with the rice mains but I plied my bread with it anyway. The spicy aftertaste that lingers...absolutely shiok.

salmon salad

Salad of House – smoked Ocean Trout, Rocket and Herbs, Fresh Wasabi Dressing

It was supposed to be an ocean trout starter but was replaced with smoked salmon. Evidently missing was the wasabi but all in, I liked this salmon carpaccio – savoury with a nice hint of greens.

oxtail soup

Authentic Javanese Oxtail Soup served with Root Vegetables and Glass Vermicelli

Oxtail soup fared less outstandingly unfortunately. Much like a double boiled clear soup that could be found at Chinese dinners, my impression of oxtail is a rich thick broth yet this was clear soup with a multitude of flavours. Yes, complexity could be detected but I had difficulty matching the preconceived image and actual. Crackers were missing from this, despite being mentioned on the menu.

duck confit

Crispy Duck Confit on Lyonnaise Potatoes, Fine Beans and Caramelised Onion, Port Reduction

duck confit meat

Duck confit was stellar. Looked the part at least with the golden brown shade that somehow was not easily achieved the last few attempts. The skin was fried so crisp and tasty, just like suckling pig skin or even peking duck skin. Meat was tender at most parts though slightly dry at the top. What made this unrivalled was the firmness of the meat locked into it despite being easy to tease apart – think fall of the bone with such grace. Magic does not stop there – potatoes cooked to such precision and flavour, I took the ultimate liberty to mop up any residual gravy with the bread. The few times I would gladly remain silent for a meal.


Eugenia’s Signature Reef Fish and Prawn Curry with Fragrant Jasmine Rice

The rice dish announced its arrival metres away – smelt so heavenly! I credit it to the fluffy grains of coconut rice infused with garlic and lemak gravy of fish and seafood. Flavours hit all the right notes for this one and left the pal scrapping the bottom of the dish for more.


Mango and Passion Fruit Tart with Malibu Sorbet and Coconut Wafer A subsidiary of Salut

Dessert was a lovely tart – no pedestrian fruit tart but one with a gorgeous hat of browned sugar, a mighty punchy coconut sherbet, zesty mango and custard tart to round off. Loved it down to the last crumb.


Tea is well tea.

It is comforting to know that Table on 7 can execute both European and Asian dishes with equally fine finishes. Impressive display and I do recommend a visit. Service is a hit and miss depending who you get. Generally attentive except for a particular hurried one who rambled through his words and seemed to be on a frantic chase half the time.

$40++ for lunch

Table on 7
Mohammad Sultan Rd

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  1. You had me at duck confit.

  2. @harris: haha! im sure, you're another of the duck confit clan fan group! can't wait to try the one at black sheep cafe?