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Good News Cafe

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School food used to be canteen food, until Junior College or University where options were slightly wider with cafes, fastfood options and even sandwich vending machines which I have fond memories of until today. I was told that Good News Cafe is a Delifrance spin-off that has made its way to a number of schools.

good news cafe

With a bookshop front, certainly resembles one! There are daily specials with at least 20% off listed prices on select days of the week.

chicken pie

Chicken Pie ($1.60)

This was served reheated and piping hot. More of a vegetable pie than chicken though.

mango freeze 

Mango Special ($1.50)

Mango flavoured smoothie this was supposed to be, turned out to be a mild flavoured ice drink with plenty of ice.

Good News Cafe
Most schools :)

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