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Gangnaroo Korean Restaurant @ Circular Road

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The lunch khaki excitedly brought me to one of the regular haunts at Circular Road. Managed by Koreans, it truly cannot get more authentic than having your orders written in Korean! Seating occupancy of the restaurant is limiting and we ended up al fresco beneath the wooden stilts of the shophouse undergoing renovations.

barley tea

Barley tea that always smells so good.


Banchan is what I miss most about Korean cuisine, these appetizers that get me all hungry. Variety always work for me! Their appetizers are generally delicious, personal favourites go to sweetened potato, anchovies and fish cake.


Yuk Gae Jang ($15)

This fiery-coloured stew was fiercer in outlook than taste. Beef shreds and vegetables made this heart and tum warming on a hot day but somewhat lacking in taste.


Ramen ($15)

Companion slurped it up happily, it probably was delicious.


Complimentary dessert of crushed watermelon that I did not fancy too much.

Authentic korean service, complete with a korean speaking waiter and having your order written in Korean but I have had better elsewhere.

Gangnaroo Korean 
Circular Road

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