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Chilli Padi Nonya Restaurant @ Joo Chiat

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Heading to Chilli Padi's was a random late dinner decision and arriving at 930pm, right on the dot for the last order meant that we did not have time to hesitate. The waiter did not look friendly enough to dish out recommendations so we went ahead with our own preferences.


Like the peranakan touches. 


Tons of accolades.

chilli padi




Peppered with too much ground lemongrass, this was lacking in punch somehow. A weak attempt at an otherwise tongue tingling refreshing appetizer.

kueh pie tee

Kueh Pie Tee ($7.80)

Prior catering experiences with Chilli Padi have always seen their famous kueh pie tee being the first to be polished. Loved the crunchy shells and belachan to go!

ngor hiang

Ngor Hiang ($6)

Stuffed with minced pork and chestnuts, the crisp exterior made this appetizer double the joy.

buah keluak

Ayam Buah Keluak ($9.80)

I have always been a fan of this - as much as it is an acquired dish for the large majority. The bittersweet and slightly herbal buah keluak gave this spicy dish much flavour. Chicken was tender and delicious. Gravy was particularly tasty with rice.

babi pongtih

Babi Pontih ($8)

This could have passed off as a Chinese dish more than Peranakan. Well braised pork belly with herbs and mushrooms.


Sambal Kangkong ($6.80)

Peranakan food is hardly complete without fried kang kong with a generous splatter of chilli!


Lime Juice ($2.20)
Fresh Soupsop ($3.80)
To wash down all of the above with something so chilled and refreshing, bliss maxed out.

durian chendol

Durian Chendol ($3.80)

The companion cleaned it out so I guess it must have been gratifying.

More than decent peranakan food at Chilli Padi's though service definitely should not be on the agenda.

Chilli Padi

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