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Absolute Thai @ Marina Bay Link Mall

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Under Sea Cuisine group, Absolute Thai takes up quite a large shopfront at Marina Bay Link Mall. During weekday lunch hours, it is packed to bits.


On a weekend, it was exceptionally though expectedly quiet. Felt that we booked the whole restaurant!


Pick away!

hospitality with a heart

Food with a purpose.

tom yum goong

Tom Yum Goong

Headed for the clear broth, spicy enough to clear any block noses. Peppered with enough seafood and mushrooms to make this a hearty one.

pad thai

Pad Thai

A tad wet and sweet, this Pad Thai lacked a certain charred fragrance.

pineapple fried rice

Pineapple Fried Rice

A re-interpretation of this thai favourite, the yellow grains were fried with fish fillets and was accompanied by cashews, pork floss and a side of fried fish crackers. Delicious!

stir fried kang kong

Fried Kangkong 

Have honestly not had a bad fried kangkong dish and this was decent.

Minced Chicken with Basil

Another that sparked off a watery nose episode but soooo shiok.

Thai food, easy to love but difficult to pledge that much allegiance to Absolute Thai.

Absolute Thai
# B2 -16 /17, Marina Bay Financial Center

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  1. The Tom Yum Goong reminds me of Thai Express version. Clear, spicy and no oil on top! Makes me feel less guilty drinking it haha.

    Can link my blog to yours?


  2. @Foodie Fc: haha..yea that's true. Sure you can!