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Xin Cuisine @ Holiday Inn Atrium

xin cuisine

Xin Cuisine at Holiday Inn Atrium is a place I would consider hidden, or rather known only to those in the know. The few wedding dinners held at Holiday Inn Atrium did pleasantly surprise me and finally, I am at their restaurant! Partially filled for the weekend, I do think the crowd was fair for their obscure location.


Seat compartments.


Or tables?

Menu glistening under the light!

Table flower.

Neatly folded napkin.

Appetizers of braised peanuts were served up, beats oily peanuts hands down.


Traditional Peking Duck with Traditional Condiments (Half, $38)

inside the crepe

The crepe skins were perfectly square, mathematically accurate I'd say. I found them a tad thick though the sauce and duck skin were really good.

chopped peking duck

We had the duck chopped up, on the salty side for the thigh meat but the breast meat was all tender and tasty.

stewed chicken

Stewed Chicken with Chinese Wine, Three Bell Pepper and Basil Leaves ($16)

Served in what looked like a stone pot used to double boil soups and medicines, the stoneware was good for retaining the heat and keeping the food warm. Crazily well marinated and flavoured, chicken so tender with the myriad of herbs and vegetables used! Particular mention goes to the unassuming garlic cloves, they tasted like potatoes after all that stewing. Yum!

stirfried kailan

Stirfried Kailan ($16)

We did not feel seafood-ish hence just going straight for stirfried vegetables in garlic. Pricey affair with the delicately cut stems. For the same price, we could have gotten another portion of stewed chicken!


Braised Ee-fu Noodles with Fresh Crabmeat and Egg White ($18)

My heart sank when I saw the plate of eefu noodles soaking in egg white and crabmeat. I thought there would be a repeat of Shang Palace's episode. Surprisingly good! The eefu noodles retained some bite and bounce inspite of the gravy. Loved how the natural flavours shone through without chilli padi or soy sauce for additional seasoning.

fried sesame balls with liquer chocolate

Fried Sesame Balls with Red Bean and Liqueur Chocolate Filling ($8, 4 pcs)

They had me at hello, with gorgeous photography of them to boot. Crispy fried sesame balls with red bean and a really brain freezing potent concoction of liqueur.


The glutinous rice was a little too dense but otherwise a memorably dessert! This follows hot on the heels of molten egg yolk custard bun and orh nee as a favourite chinese dessert.

lime sorbet

Lime Sorbet with Aloe Vera and Green Apple Juice ($6)

In comparison, really disappointing. Lime sorbet barely impressed with mildly sour tones. Aloe vera and coconut jelly were bland too. Unimpressive.

Xin Cuisine did impress on a few grounds and did leave a lasting impression. Heaps better than a number of more established and well branded restaurants. Never judge a restaurant by the branding efforts. Will be back soon! Service was acceptable though at points the cutlery and plates were removed too quickly.

Xin Cuisine
Holiday Inn Atrium

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