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The Swiss Backer @ Frankel Estate

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The Swiss Backer used to be where The Swiss Baekerai used to be, I'm not too sure if it's a change of management or simply a makeover. Gone is their signature life-sized croissant hanging at the doorway and cottage decor, replacing it is clean, sleek and cafe adornments.


Croissant ($2.50)

TSB's one of the few places that sells wholemeal croissants. 

croissant halved

Despite grilling it, none of the crisp sounds I was looking forward to. Tasted more like bread than pastry.


Vanilla Eclair ($3.50)

I have long heard and read about their famous eclairs, they come in three flavours; vanilla, coffee and chocolate.

vanilla eclair

The choux pastry was normal, vanilla custard bland but the frosting on top was sweet enough. Disappointing one.

The brunch crowd that kept streaming into this cosy cafe was surprising, brunch someday! They did seemed slightly shorthanded though I did get my takeaway rather promptly.

The Swiss Backer
97A Frankel Ave

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