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LeVel33 @ Marina Bay Financial Center


LeVel33 is plain hard to book.

Okay, I said it. Twice we were denied. First time we booked three days ahead and was told the place was full. Second time round, they were closed for a company event. Third time, with two week's notice given we finally nabbed a seat. Does rival MBS' reservation system for unfriendly. Even with a reservation at 7pm, the place was cozily filled for the night. By the way, a table with their much desired "window seat" is not guaranteed at the time of booking - purely based on luck.

Accessing LeVel33 needs their private lift which takes quite a long while to move up.


Walkway with beer-a-brewing.

brewery tanks

Buzzing bar counter.

LeVel33 inked on the coaster.

People here, people there, people everywhere.

Every single table seemed to have a reservation.


Salts to flavour.

33.1 Blond Lager
4.5% Alc. 12° wort. Refreshing. Smooth. Full bodied. Slightly fruity.

Happy hour price of $13.33 for 0.5L is worth it! I am usually not a lager person but this smooth one did pull off quite brilliantly. The froth never quite disappeared and bubbles were fizzing away for quite a long time, supposedly a must for beer drinkers.

bread rolls

Complimentary bread selection, both were crusty and soft! Repeats of these were perfect with butter and their salts. 

fat chips

Potato ($10.00) 
Hand cut fat chips and rock salt served with 33.1 Blond Lager infused ketchup

The appetizer menu portions were far too puny though they looked really delish from afar, I reckon the sides menu fared better with portions. Fat chips indeed, I call them obese, nearly. Sliced so thick, nine fat chubbies to go with their specially concocted ketchup which was really just tomato sauce. Blond Lager was hardly discernible.


Beef done two ways.
beef two ways

Back and belly ($43.50) 
Chargrilled 200 days aged Stockyard sirloin and slowly braised blackened brisket, potato, onion hash, blistered tomato with shallot, oregano and pancetta jus

Recommended by the waiter over beef, it came done in two ways - hooray for the indecisive! A chunk of medium sirloin, tender much and oozing with juices.

beef sliced

Beef au naturel, juices aflowing, major love. The blackened brisket was plain stew which did not find favour with me. Onion hash was equally delish too.


C.O.D. ($38)
Crisp skinned black cod, green bean, pine nut and tomato seche ragout finished with lemon salsa verde

Seared to perfection, omega-3 awesomely locked in the pockets of flesh. One of the more memorable cod dishes around.


Gambas ($39)
Jumbo prawns, seafood bisque, soba, Madras oil, chilli mango salsa and pea sprouts

Packed a fiery outlook when served with two huge jumbo prawns, and bore a striking resemblance to laksa. Prawns uber fresh though flavours went missing along the way - smelling so much better than it tasted. Soba and seafood bisque, something somehow gets lost.

sticky date

Dates ($14) 
Sticky date pudding, bourbon infused caramel, macerated dates and praline ice cream

Decent attempt on my favourite dessert though praline icecream really tasted like vanilla icecream.

Service albeit prompt is intrusive throughout the evening. Requests had to be made repeatedly for bread refills and we were asked thrice regularly for our dessert, after drinks or coffee and tea order. I was half tempted to ask for a dessert that would take eternity to arrive. No doubt food gets served pronto but it comes across as hurried and almost as if they were rushing for the second seating of the night. Even requests for phototaking were met with furrowing of eyebrows, a pregnant pause and a reluctant "sure!".

I would not declare LeVel33 as drop dead gorgeous nor addictive like CitySpace. It is packed to bits with foreigners and beer guzzlers throughout the night. Definitely not a space to enjoy one's beer at leisure. Worth that one visit to suss the fuss and go through the booking pains, but that should be about it.

the sail

The much talked about and much dreamed about The Sail.
view of 6pm

View at 7pm.

Slightly misty after the rain.

gorgeous view


Marina Bay Financial Center

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  1. Everything looks good here, but was service the deal-breaker for you? I may want to give this a place a try soon :D

  2. @harris: heyo! rare visitor ;) service was annoying enough to wave me off..i would just return for tapas. go try and lmk what u think!

  3. Not rare visitor, just silent stalker haha. Yours is the rare few I still read (and trust) haha

  4. awwww..touched much! thanks for reading. :)

  5. Excellent photos.