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Lantern @ Fullerton Bay Hotel


Lantern takes the fifth floor of Fullerton Bay Hotel, right next to the swimming pool. Perfect for hotel guests who would want to indulge in a drink or two over watching the gorgeous night skyline of Singapore. I did not think much of Fullerton's swimming pool but this one at Fullerton Bay quite sets the standard.

gorgeous view

I was thrown into what would have been a scene from an ideal beach holiday - pool, drinks and view.

Pesky service at the door - without a reservation they go through the motion with you, initial rejection, check if there are time limits on your side because they are "fully booked" and I "may have to return the table when the next guest arrives." Of which my question of "when do I have to return the table" went unanswered. The door "jerk" disappeared behind scenes and reappeared with the widest smile and most attentive of service to lead us to our table.

The best part of it was the place was not fully booked, as I would realise soon enough.


Complimentary nuts that I nibbled through two bowls of.


Pretty menu with tassles.

pot of greens

Table plant that got me amused.

mini wagyu burgers

Mini Wagyu Beef Burgers ($20)

Bar food should be kept mini for easy consumption, infact having to use my hands is already a dampener. These burgers albeit miniaturized made stuffing it whole into my mouth a difficult task. The tight ground wagyu patty was delish and juicy, sweet caramelized onions slapped on with two sweet buns. I would not say these are over the top good, neither were they awful. Just mediocre.

truffle fries

Truffle Fries ($14)

I suspect these come from the kitchens of Clifford. Exceptionally crispy with the right hint of truffle oil. Delish much!


Brazillian Pina ($20)
Cachaca, Pineapple, Mint, Refined Sugar

I am no mojito fan, but will rave when I meet a wicked one. This was completely off tangent with a grassy sour attempt. Hoping for some tropicana flavour with pina or even pineapple was the greatest mistake. In all honestly, I struggled to finish this.

Captain Carribean ($20)
Spiced Rum, Citrus, Mint, Exotic Spices

Sweeter on the palette, I do reckon as much as mojitos are Lantern's signature, I am officially not a mojito fan.

Dessert menu was non existent but I was passed a food menu anyway. Service was not top of the pops good, food was alright but the view from 5th level far surpassed that of 1-Altitude or Ku De Ta, personally. If the snobbish experience at the door does not get to you, head to Lantern without a reservation at your own risk!

pool view

More of the lovely.


Dead sucker for places with nice view.

Fullerton Bay Hotel

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  1. Mini Wagyu Beef Burgers looks small and cute! Looks like those toys you get in Mcdonald's Happy meal!

  2. @FoodieFC: haha yeah! come to think of it...looks like it!

  3. Definitely one of the most scenic restaurants at night. That explains the pricy menu too. The complimentary nuts look yummy though :)

  4. @juggernaut: agree! the nuts were def yummy. sucha sucker for nuts with drinks.