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7th Manna @ Tanjong Katong Road

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I have passed by 7th Manna so many times and did wonder if it can stand the test of time...not until I was surprised with a birthday cake that I had a go at their famous cakes. Word has it that they started off as an online bakery and business grew big enough for them to open a shop.

And I got it for a surprise this year!

7th manna

The verse inscribed on the box caught the eye - "I will rain down bread from heaven...then you will know I am the Lord your God." - Exodus 16:4. Brought a twinkle to the eye and smile to the face when I read it.

light the candle

7" American Carrot Cake ($36)
Made from freshly shredded carrots and 100% natural ingredients

carrot cake

This is made from "freshly shredded carrots" and "100% natural ingredients", this white knight certainly shone through the moment the knife sank in. Impeccably moist, the cake was hardly sweet yet so delectable with walnuts and a light cream cheese frosting. Definitely one of the more outstanding carrot cakes around! I looked forward to dessert for a couple of days in a row - that's how completely gratifying this carrot cake is!

The owners say "7th Manna is a business run on Faith." To God be all glory, I ascribe. I say it's not just faith they have got but a god given talent to bake wonderfully.

happy birthday

Birthday love, is always much appreciated. I forgot how many times I blew out my candle but the year ahead has to be fabulous!

7th Manna
388 Tanjong Katong Road

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  1. how does this compare to group therapy's carrot cake?

  2. *waves* hmm, comparable but group therapy's more addictive, probably cos of the white chocolate embedded. That said, 7th manna is reaaaaal close.

  3. This carrot cake has no multiple layers, no cream cheese in between! GT's carrot cake looks alot more yummy. I super love cream cheese frostings! But I hate blogger HAHA. :S (you haven't figured it out yet? haha. :/ )

  4. @ice: haha bt 7th manna's really not bad! nah can't what u told me doesn't work..there's no button to click. :(