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Wheelhouse @ Tanglin Club

Most of my childhood years were spent at The Tanglin Club, trying to drown myself during swimming lessons. The teenage years were spent in their amazing library which does reminds me of the one in Hogwarts school and tucking into countless chicken pies by the pool side and as I inched towards the official key to freedom, I remember most about slurping Ghana soda drinks and wishing someday happy hours would be spent in The Tavern.

Tanglin Club does hold some special memories for me, the 21st birthday, the first dizzying fall from the slide in the playground and bearing witness to skinny dipping (accidental or not) in the early 1990's. This visit back was bittersweet.


Back at the casual WheelHouse Restaurant for dinner!


Crackers specked with herbs, yum!

Freeflow bread with every mains ordered, the bread corner is every bread lover's dreamland. Cranberry, wholemeal, multi grain, baguette and even simple loaves! Loved the herb butter since day one, still as good!




Gunner ($2.80)

A drink I grew up with literally, parts of ginger ale, lemonade and angostura bitters. This passes off as a soda drink but is delish cocktail in disguise. 

nasi goreng

Nasi Goreng ($9.80)

Colourful dish of fried rice, fried egg, chicken wings, satay and achar! Pretty well done. 


Salad Bar ($10.50)

The selection at the salad bar included sushi as well as a good portion of proteins and veggies. Tuna and smoked salmon for the carnivores. Pile them high up for this one portion and tuck into it heartily.

tanglin club

Tanglin Club Sandwich ($8.50)

Listed as a signature and for reliving the memories sake, I headed for this all time favourite. After all the carbs, this toasted brown bread with stacks of ingredients stuffed within was less than ordinary. Average at best, even the fries could barely save it.


Chicken Satay ($12)

On the sweet side, satays are usually such great appetizers.

cheese naan

Cheese Naan ($3.50)

butter chicken

Butter Chicken ($8.80) and Fish Curry ($10.80)

The Naan was soft with kraft cheese melted, would have loved if it were mozzarella instead. Butter chicken was on the sweet side. Fish Curry fared better with a bit more punch.


Spinach mashed so fine, was alright as a whole.
Wheelhouse was rather busy for a Friday night and bustling with people. Food while really affordable in Orchard did not impress too much.

Here's a couple more snaps that I took around the club.




Poolview after sundown.

pool view

Poolview at night.
Tanglin Club

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