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The Pierside Revisited @ One Fullerton


Possibly the last remaining of the original Marmalade Pantry Group that did not get a name makeover, I have yet to try the mains yet. Back at Pierside for desserts, by a strange twist of fate..if memory serves me correct the last visit rounded off with the same impression.


Interesting utensils.

baileys souffle

White Chocolate and Baileys Souffle ($15)
Irish Baileys Icecream

Less impressed with this, somehow. The rameskin was barely filled with the souffle, three quarts at best. Still light and baileys came and went without a trace.

The rest which I did not get to try but common consensus was portions were too small. 

banana creme brulee

Banana Creme Brulee ($15)
Caramel Tarte Fine, Lemon Verbena and Mascarpone Icecream

apple charlotte

Apple Charlotte ($14)
Pistachio and Raisins, Vanilla Bean Icecream

Service is terribly bad and curt. Cutlery switched with a nudge and barely informing. Very reluctant to take any menu clarifications and the bill was brought with much enthusiasm - they seemed to be happier to show us to the door than bothering with getting us to order more stuff. Nothing that can redeem Pierside from a strike off, desserts are not mindblowing, service!

view from one fullerton

One Fullerton's view is always so gorgeously enticing.

The Pierside
One Fullerton

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