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Loola's Revisited @ Esplanade

A return to Loola's for dinner after the promising brunch. Half filled for a weekday dinner at Esplanade is quite something for a place that is not a watering hole. We were greeted by an eager to please and really chirpy waitress. Brownie points for over enthusiasm.


Neither lattes went down well with the company.

angel hair pasta

Capellini and Roe ($15)

Served chilled, this was suffice for two mouthfuls. Texture of capellini was a tad rough, would have preferred a smoother finish.

portobello benedict

Portobello Benedict ($15)

In comparison, this appetizer fared a whole lot better. It's Eggs benedict gone healthy with a plump portobello mushroom replacing the English muffins. Runny egg meets earthy mushroom and a bed of rockets with a dash of vinaigrette. Oooh yummy!


Karubi ($32)
Braised beef shortrib, grilled zucchini, buttered baby carrots, caramelised shallots

Braised to such tenderness and fall off your fork soft, this was indeed melt in your mouth, yet flavour was hugely lacking despite the pairing of three types of salt with this.

root veggies

Healthy fix.


Waiter does us the honour of slicing the poor bird up.


The Spatchcock ($36)
Whole oven roasted chicken, caramelised fennel, string beans in anchovy reduction

spatchsock quarter

Serves two more than nicely, the whole chicken was spilling over with juices and crisp on the outside. Best of it all, the layer of ham woven in between made this really tasty.


Anchovy reduction made this more delicious than delicious. Outshone the karubi by leaps and bounds.

french toast

Loola's French Toast ($18)
Brioche french toast, poached pear, pear syrup, icing sugar, cinnamon

An upmarket interpretation of what we all grew up with - egg soaked toasts panfried over the oven. I like how the poached pear was so refreshing and whipped cream that gave this a much needed sugar boost.

choc cupcake

Stuffed Cupcake ($5)

Supposedly dark chocolate cupcake with chocolate filling.


Dry and left half finished despite its really cute demeanor.

The menu is still as limited as the last without any additions though a handful were unavailable for dinner. Lobster and sheets were out, for a start! The banana loaf sitting pretty was not ready for sale. I figure I would not need too many visits to complete trying everything on the menu. Loola's is fine and good...but lacking in that "I want to head back soon" urge. Like a not too distant friend, catching up once in a long while is suffice.

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