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Crystal Jade Dining IN @ Vivocity

crystal jade dining in

The last yusheng gathering was held at Crystal Jade Dining IN at Vivocity. I really think the economy is not that in the doldrums like what the news have been reporting for more than a quarter now! Most of the places that we tried booking were either full, had two rushed seatings or required ridiculous confirmation like Man Fu Yuan because of certain CNY policies that the company put in place.



private dining

Private dining option!


Like the rest, Crystal Jade was packed for the evening. The view of RWS was not fantabulous but different from all the other loheis done behind 4 concrete walls.


Table setting.


Wasabi nuts.


Like the teapot!


Salmon Yusheng ($43.80)

Their yusheng menu has to be the longest so far - aims to suit every tastebud alive infact. From vegetarian to raw fish to abalone least 10 different variations!


Pretty good yusheng but the crackers were a tad oily. 

Ordering with companions that were equally ravenous and carnivorous only meant one thing - a table full of meat, literally.


Peking Duck (Half) ($34)

I have reached a conclusion about the bird that walks on land and swims - I love it. Beijing or Singapore, each has its own merits but I love peking duck much!

peking duck crepe

Crystal Jade's interpretation was pretty good, crispy skin with enough fat and condiments to go with the crepe. I thought the crepe was a tad bland. Meat was tender but too salty though.

suckling pig combination

Suckling Pig Combination ($38)

We probably all envisioned suckling pig to be a hearty portion of porky delight - combination comprised of chicken, roast pork and suckling pig drizzled in sauce which made this soggier than desired. Boo on that. Not the best roast pork eaten, at least no gameyness. Suckling pig was not spectacular and least of all, chicken which was oh-so-normal.

salted egg prawns

Salted Egg Yolk Prawn ($28)

Six prawns presented so daintily, this was plainly prawn fritters. The salted egg was made into a sauce but otherwise, not wow-worthy.

four season beans

Four Season Beans with X.O. Chilli ($18)

The thoughtful waiter suggested a spicy vegetable dish to oomph things up a notch - well recommended.

mango pudding

Chilled Mango Pudding ($5)

Cleaned out so I reckon it should be good.

pear with almond

Sea coconut with Snow Pear ($4)

Clean tasting dessert, just the kind that simplifies the meal.

mango sago

Mango Icecream with pomelo and sago ($6)

Alot of things going on in the dessert - from the artificially enhanced mango icecream to the sliced mango, pomelo sacs and sago. Not the favouritest.

Service was attentive and overall food above average in this festive season. If only my favourite molten custard pau was available, the meal would have been complete.  I have always had the misconception that prices for this particular outlet are higher but not so, considerably moderate I would say. Hits and misses, Crystal Jade is quite a decent one for CNY!

Crystal Jade Dining IN

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