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Canton-i @ Sunway Pyramid Plaza


The companion excitedly told us about the newfound dimsum place that serves up great breakfast and that description was suffice for us to can any plans of a hawker breakfast of Meng Kee char siew and KL Hokkien Mee along Jalan Alor.

And it was Canton-I.


We were amongst the first to enter the restaurant slightly after 10am.

open kitchen

Chefs already hard at work.


Can anyone tell me if Canton-I is from Hongkong or Malaysia? Especially with a misleading slogan like "Canton-i - Truly Hongkong".

siew mai

Steamed Pork Dumplings with Mushrooms (RM 6.80)

Juicy morsel of siewmai topped with fish roe.


Decided to go cantonese with their seafood porridge which I found a tad gooey and clumpy as the meal wore on. Served with crunchy fried dough sticks which made it really homely in taste.

zha leong

Stuffed Chinese Crullers with Cuttlefish Paste and Steamed Rice Noodles (RM 13.80)

Delicious zha leong doused in sauce which ended up being a tad salty.

char siew sou

Baked BBQ Pork Pastry (RM 4)

Not a fan of this limp pastry, the filling was too gooey unfortunately.

char siew

2 Combinations of Roast Meat (RM 26)

Honey-glazed Barbeque Pork was the closest to Malaysian char siew that we could get! Loved the sticky sweet sauce and fatty bits...melt in my mouth deliciosity.

roast goose

Roast Goose was recommended by the waitress as it was fresh off the grill, we listened to her and ended up sorely disappointed. Bland as can be and really mountains and seas away from Hongkong's awesome roast goose.

egg tarts

Signature Egg Tarts (RM 4.50)

None too signature either.


Steamed Mr Piggy Buns with Red Bean Paste (RM 6.80)

I spotted them in Singapore and got into this cute dimsum craze. Finally had a chance to quell the curiosity. Red bean paste with a cute facade, if I had to describe it.

yam molten egg custard

Steamed Golden Egg Yolk Custard Buns (RM 5.80)


Yam flavoured bun meets molten clumpy egg yolk custard...not the best, not the worse either.

Mediocre dimsum at Canton-i. The restaurant was packed before noon and I find it hard to comprehend though.

Sunway Pyramid Plaza

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