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Sauce @ Esplanade

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Opened by the folks behind Butter Factory, Sauce replaces 7atenine at Esplanade. I thought 7atenine had a really interesting buffet concept but alas, I missed it completely. Here's Sauce with a garden concept, grass included.


How about a pair of cuddly panda mascots!


Totally lounge material...I can envision myself with a glass of bubbly and book in hand...reading the afternoon away.


Light bites menu...I spied a couple of items out of the ordinary.


Menu proper, for the ravenous.


Trio of dips for...


Sliders trio. Juicy beef patties meets toasted mini buns. What I adore about the patty is, there's alot more juice within than the usual loose patties.

luncheon meat chips

Luncheon Meat Chips ($8)

Who'd have thought of such a novel idea of making SPAM chips! I love luncheon meat! Probably the deepest childhood memory I have - luncheon meat sandwiches. These were a tad salty but that's the thing about bar food. Wash it down with beer, even the saltiest of food would be just moderate on the tastebuds.


Ahhh, bliss.

Happy hour specials include a mini hotdog bun with every order, can't wait to try that! Their mains do look enticing, somewhat more wholesome options to fries, pizzas and nachos.


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