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Paradise Dynasty Revisited @ Ion Orchard

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set for xlb overload

Truth be told, I do not know what exactly fuelled the second visit back to Paradise Dynasty.

Perhaps the Groupon voucher.
Perhaps the half price that was yelling at me in full vibrato to click "purchase".
Perhaps I've forgotten their xiaolongbaos are nothing but extraordinary.


So there was I, exceptionally early from work one day to beat the crowds..but even then it was still packed! At 6ish no less. Gosh, don't people need to work?


Still intrigued by the ceiling design.

love the walls

And then the walls.


Tea that kept me entertained until the order arrived.


Signs of the xiaolongbao arrigving...vinegar with ginger!

yellow mellow

Cheese Xiao Long Bao, the only flavour I remember favouring over the rest. Eating one versus eating an entire bamboo steamer of it is a world of difference. I ended up hating it towards the end, especially when the skin hardened to form a crust-like shield over the fillings. Cheese overload.


Easy to lift at the beginning...towards the end (regardless how fast I was trying to consume them!), the soup buns almost stuck together.


I say stick with a variety to avoid an overkill.

Paradise Dynasty
Ion Orchard, 5th Floor

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