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Cherry Garden @ Mandarin Oriental

Mandarin Oriental's one of those hotels that has pretty good food throughout their restaurants - at least proven right with Morton's Bar, Morton's Restaurant and Axis Bar. Melt and Wasabi Bistro remains on the list of to try to complete the dining listing.

cherry garden

With two buffet seatings over the weekends, I reckon their highly raved about dimsum buffet should be spectacular. Nonetheless, this time round it was solely for a leisurely dimsum brunch - oddly or not, buffets have taken a back seat this year. Quality over quantity perhaps and metabolism rate surely does not work as fast as it used to!

cherry garden

The companions loved the ambience and setting of Cherry Garden - made me feel extra demure and dainty with the wooden arches, bamboo plants and chinese instrumental music. It felt like we went back in time to some dynasty and partaking of some celestial meal - ok, not so drama-mama but the drift is there. Particularly soothing and calming atmosphere the restaurant exudes.

chrysanthenum tea

Syrup for chrysanthenum tea!

Ready for a feast!

Loved the use of wood throughout the restaurant.
fish skin crackers

Super light and tasty fish skin crackers!

Steamed Spinach and Prawn Dumpling with Enoki Mushrooms ($6)

With spinach infused into the dimsum skin, I thought the delicate flavour was refreshing. Loved the fresh prawns.

abalone siewmai

Steamed Mini Abalone Siew Mai with Pork and Mushrooms ($6)

The indulgent mini abalone was a crowd pleaser on the otherwise juicy siewmai.

sharks fin dumpling

Steamed Shark's Fin Dumplings with Dried Scallops and Shrimps ($7)

Prawn dumpling gone atas with shark's fin, it gave this a better bite.


Steamed Juicy Pork Xiao Long Bao ($6)

Supposedly stellar, I thought this was ordinary.

kurobuta char siew pau

Steamed Kurobuta Char Siew in Fluffy Bao ($6)

charsiew pau open

Word has it, this is divine and divine it was! Kurobuta char siew was incredibly mouth watering - more tender for sure and absolutely flavourful. Though I thought the fluffy bun had a slight disconnect with the pau with the sweetness, this char siew pau deserves seconds!

xo carrot cake

Wok-fried Waxed Meat Radish Cake with Silver Sprouts in XO Sauce ($10)

Generous portion here! Loved Cherry Garden's rendition of this hawker favourite, packed enough wok hei and flavour to pull off a greasy tum-filling stunt!

cheese dumpling

Deep-fried Potato Dumplings stuffed with Cheese Crabmeat and Onions ($5)

cheese dumpling1

Mozzarella cheese would have been the ultimate palette teaser, mild flavours with cream cheese and crab meat.

wasabi prawns

Crisp Wasabi-Aioli Prawns with Fresh Mango and Fish Roe ($18)

It was a case of wasabi prawns over roast pork and votes went to their signature. Very deservedly so. Fresh prawns doused in crisp batter, delightfully yummy.

eefu noodles

Braised Ee-fu Noodles with Nameko Mushrooms, Silver Sprouts and Yellow Chives ($20)

The only time through the meal that we all felt any dish was subpar - heavy on the gravy and flavouring, it came across too salty for comfort. I've had much better elsewhere. Disappointing one.

avocado cream

Cherry Garden Dessert Temptation ($14)

When spoilt for choices, go for the platter with a bit of everything. Combinations are subject to the kitchen's availability.

mango sago

Chilled Cream of Mango with Sago Pearls, Pomelo and Lime Sorbet

It could have been better stronger.

guava cream

Cream of Guava served with Sour Plum Crystal Jelly and Mandarin Sorbet

One odd combination. For one, guava is not totally my favouritest fruit on earth, neither is sour plum crystal jelly. When together, scrunching up the face in confusion is the most natural reaction to this dessert. Deeply acquired.

Cream of Avocado served with Walnut Ice-cream

Like mango cream, would have been better thicker and richer.

red bean pancake

Deep-fried Chinese Pancake stuffed with Red Bean Paste, accompanied by Homemade Vanilla Ice-cream ($12)

Like fairy god mother that arrives at the end to save the day, this unassuming chinese dessert was brilliantly executed. Portions were jawdropping small - enough for one, ok two non-sweet tooths then. Adored the contrasts - hot red bean crispy pancake meets cold vanilla icecream.

With that, the meal ended on a sweet fulfilling note. Cherry Garden sure does execute pretty fine dimsum with a couple of misses. One of those places that has the whole package - above average food and great ambience. Worth a visit!

Cherry Garden
Mandarin Oriental

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