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51 Soya Bean @ Old Airport Road Hawker

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Ever since Lao Ban upped its soyabean curd prices to $2 per tub, I've not been having much luck in getting any at Old Airport. Strange phenomenon..shouldn't the demand dip with the price increase? Apparently not, it somehow fuelled the demand up a couple of notches..perhaps the fear that the precious tub could cost more in the months to come. Opportunistic fellas...and here comes another stall within earshot that decides to ride on the fame.


Lao Ban's almond beancurd go for a pricely $2.50 whereas 51 decides to go head-on with a price war, shaving a full dollar off! It's alot more like soyabeancurd in texture, lacks the melt into soyabean milk consistency...but still, a really decent almond pudding equivalent.

Nice...not great. Until the price differential gets too much to bear, I'll be back at Lao Ban's.

51 Soyabean
Blk 51 Old Airport Road #01-72

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