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Xin Yuan Ji Steamboat @ Bugis

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xin yuan ji

I barely take notice of the lanes opposite Bugis Junction that seems to be a great discovery ground for foodie gems. Perpetually crowded from the time I started queuing for a table, to getting one and finally leaving the place. It's never quite short of hungry patrons. For a start, Xin Yuan Ji once from the humble beginnings of a hawker center.

xin yuan ji interior

fish soup

Fried Fish Meat Soup ($5.50)

This was what made them famous in the first place. Milk or clear broth and you have a choice of fish used. They ran out of the more premium cuts and left with only dory. Thought it was ordinary though, nothing extraordinary not overly fragrant.

stir fried veggies

Baby Kailan ($8.80)

A tad too oily.


Fragrant Spicy Pork Ribs ($13.80)

Well marinated with crispy edges and meaty cuts. Appetizing enough with just plain rice though spicy was missing.

Affordable hawkerfare in the comfort of airconditioned surroundings.

Xin Yuan Ji Steamboat
31 Tan Quee Lan Street

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.

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