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Victoria Peak Restaurant @ Suntec City


Victoria Peak replaces River Palace at Suntec Convention Hall, to be honest I was tempted to try the latter after it was featured. Hailing from Hongkong, reviews have been mixed for its first outlet at Orchard Central. Then again, it was the 30% discount deal that stirred further interest. With a nice view of the F1 track, I reckon this place will be fully booked this weekend!

We were greeted by a friendly manager from the Hongkong outlet - feels like Hongkong, as he bantered with us in cantonese, occasionally cracking jokes and checking on us every now and then. Thumbs up for service I say!


Chef on standby for dishes that require pan-frying.



victoria peak!

Ready for yumcha.

Steamed Shrimp Dumpling ($5.50)

Liked the thin translucent skin of this tasty morsel.

siew mai
Steamed Siew Mai ($4.80)

None too extraordinary.
charsiew pau

Steamed Barbecued Pork Buns ($3)

Fluffy yes but the fillings had a stale finish to it, particularly dry infact.

polo bun

Char Siew Polo Bun ($5.50)

Liked the sweetened crust on top but not a fan of the bun proper - stuck to the teeth! Still not liking the charsiew filling.

glutinous rice roll
Home-style Glutinous Rice Roll ($3)

I had this mixed up with Lotus Leaf Glutionous Rice - think soggy mantou with chewy glutinous rice.

guess what!

Steamed Custard Buns ($4.80)

Always a dimsum weakness of mine. Clearly uneven handiwork of the chef with the custard filling showing at the top.

molten custard buns

Usual ruining of the perfect bun and wasting the runny filling for shots like these. Someone asked - won't you miss the perfect bite with all the shooting? Yes I guess, so I reckon I need an entire steamer to myself. One for shooting, another as a backup and the third to eat without the fuss.

molten custard

Nice chewy bun but the filling was too watery.

scallop rice rolls
Steamed Cheong Fun with Scallop ($5.50)

One of the favourites in fact, well seasoned scallops wrapped in smooth rice roll.

xo carrot cake

Fried Carrot Cake with XO Sauce ($8)

A tad oily but I liked the XO sauce, anchovies and beansprouts fried along with this.

roast pork platter

Roasted Crispy Pork ($13)

The first time the crispy pork platter gets presented two ways.

roast pork

Uneven cubing of the crispy pork - liked the crispy skin though. Seemed to be 2/3 fats and 1/3 meat though.
The sliced pork went well with what tasted like peking duck sauce.

egg tarts

Mini Egg Tart ($4.80)

None too spectacular.

durian mochi

Chilled Glutinous Dumpling with Durian ($5)

Highly recommended by the manager, I was once again irked by the workmanship of the dumpling. Cracks were hard to ignore beneath the generous dusting of flour.

durian mochi halved

Disliked the artificially sweet dumpling skin but the durian fans adored the pulp - rich, creamy and pungent.

avocado cream x coconut icecream

Icecream with Avocado Sauce ($7)

Coconut icecream became the star of this - I almost forgot it was not vanilla icecream. Loved the coconut shavings within. No fan of the diluted and overly sweet oasis of  avocado cream.

30% only applies on all items except dessert.

Did not fancy the speed the dishes were served up, way too fast to slowly yumcha - they were served in a flash, food went cold faster than desired and basically we were playing catching up between chomping down the morsels and trying to talk over what was supposedly a leisurely yumcha session. Fact is, the late morning yumcha crowd is manageable, barely half filled so I guess ordering in rounds would be advisable.

Inconsistencies in their dimsum is hard to ignore - sizes of dimsum in particular. The nail was driven into the coffin (how dramatic!) was when I ordered the last dessert for the meal - Molten fried fritters (I envisioned molten yam as I bit into the almond flake crusted least the chef described it that way!). First I had to wait 15 minutes, the manager kindly gave up 5 minute updates and when it reached the last minute - the fritters were burnt. Hence I was given the option of waiting for yet another batch - double frowns here. Gave up waiting for it and doubt I will be back for it either.

Victoria Peak serves up moderate dimsum at moderate prices after discount. Not too sure if I revisit is necessary though.

Victoria Peak
Suntec Convention Level 3

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