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Vanilla Bean....Yogurt!

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Vanilla Bean anything gets me excited. Icecream and sauces are so very common but yogurt? Served on Cathay (so many moons ago...Europe memories are still deeply etched), I greedily swiped it off the Dad's and the rest is but a beautiful history.

There were black specks, in the most girlie excitement ever. Rich. Creamy. Smooth. Just like icecream, only waaaaay healthier.

Unfazed, I was determined to track the deeeeelish yogurt down. Similarly by Yoplait, I found supposedly the equivalent in our supermarts. I eyeballed it for the black specks...check! It just tastes different though it was still creamy and rich, the local version has a yogurt-taste about it with the slight sourish finish.

I suppose, this is what they mean by keeping the memories beautiful...I'd not forget that lil tub of yum.

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