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Strictly Pancakes @ Princep Street

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The pancake fever seemed to have nosedived after the initial bubbling excitement. That did not stop pancake lovers of the companion and I from heading down to Strictly Pancakes one evening. I was in for a surprise. By 730pm, the place was completely filled out - if I knew they took reservations, I would have done so! 20 minute wait after being put on the waiting list. Waiting list is such an irony - you are put on the list to wait..and the wait seemed endless.

So after 20 minutes of catching up and eavesdropping on the other conversations to getting the nose immune to the strange smells coming from French Creperie just next door...we finally got our table located upstairs on the 2nd storey.


Menus get placed readily.

"Are you alright with a 15-20 minute wait for the pancakes?" The girl cherrily asked.

You mean I can say no? After waiting 20 minutes for my table? Leaves you with no option, really.

In fact, the 20 minute morphed into something that was in actual fact close to 45 minutes - double the time. All in, it took us 1 freaking hour to get to our pancakes. Any form of hunger would have been translated to boredom, frustration and lastly, annoyance.

maple syrup x garlic butter

These get served up very early into the wait - almost cheering you on "soon, soon the pancakes will be here!". How soon? Relative, I say.

There's a choice of salted, unsalted, herb and garlic as well as rum and raisin butter. Maple Syrup comes with it.

beef me up

Beef Me Up ($14)

Super thick juicy homemade beef patty, two extra thick pancakes, sautéed mushrooms and a side of arugula salad.

Patty is served well done and the menu already prompts a "10-15" minute wait on normal days. The extra thick pancakes reminded me of the pancakes that Jollibean and Mr Bean specialise in. Loved the beef patty, very surprisingly. Instead of the expected dry texture, this was juicy and charred at the sides. Despite a drap outlook, the arugula salad was pretty good!

Bananas Scotched ($11)
Delicious, I have to say with a nice balance of rum, bananas and caramel.
We had them delivered together -saved us another crazy wait. Yet, the sweet still arrived before savoury.
Their pancakes have a bite as compared to the usual fluffy soft ones, which I actually like. Yet with a wait so insanely long - I expected far better. Food For Thought any day - at least the wait does not kill. The management could look into a better way to manage the waiting time. 
Strictly Pancakes
44A Prinsep Street

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