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Mooncakes 2011

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Once again time for Mid-Autumn! No major surprises this year, rather than heading the adventurous way which I left to sampling...those purchased were safe as can be. Better be safe than sorry, I learnt.

cute packaging

This year, I had the privilege of having mooncakes flown over from Hongkong. Here's a miniature by Wing Wah - White Lotus Paste with Single Yolk. The metal tin that came with it can be doubled up as as an accessory holder.

wingwah single yolk

Proportion of yolk to lotus paste was just right - I have issues when the yolk gets too much. Lovely lotus paste. I thought this miniature is perfect for gifting and great to taste various flavours without pressurizing the waistline too much.

four types!

Maxim's was highly recommended by a friend's friend. Was given a selection - yay to that! Love variety.


Orange box that was attention grabbing.


Red Bean Paste Double Yolk

The yolk took up more than 70% of the mooncake. Red bean paste was smooth but it tasted just like a normal red bean pastry.

redbean paste moonie

More of the full yolk, one thing though...the yolks used are a lot dryer than those in Singapore.

maxims white lotus paste double yolks

Lotus Paste with Double Yolk

Still a lotus paste diehard, at heart.

lotus double yolk

White Lotus Paste with Double Yolk

Red or white, I still love the smooth lotus paste with a slight chewy consistency.

jinhua ham

Jin Hua Ham and Nuts

Bak Kwa in a mooncake.


Peony Jade

A media darling having been voted Best Durian Mooncake by Sunday Times Lifestyle in 2010 and Her World in 2009, Peony Jade has not looked back since hiring Ex Crown Prince Chefs to recreate their orh nee mooncake magic. Having missed out on the wagon last year, I made sure I placed my order early enough - when it was still in the "selling out fast" phase. Not sure if it's a tactic used to expedite orders but the magic words worked for me.

Frozen, they have to be to maintain freshness or its taste in topform.




Serving instructions are clear. Keep deep frozen, thaw for 20 minutes before consuming. Once removed from freezer, do not re-freeze.

rough workmanship

Behind the pretty are unprofessional uneven folds.

coarse workmanship

The prettier side of the unpretty one.

Mao Shan Wang Mooncake in Organic Pandan Snowskin (4 pcs, $68)

maoshanwang cut

A princely sum to pay for 4 mooncakes, of which a gf actually said in a jest "Might as well buy the fruit!", which I totally agree. The organic pandan snowskin albeit soft was lost in the battle of taste with king of fruit. It will be an upkill taste trying to outflavour durian!

Mao Shan Wang used is fairly good, stinky but lacking in creaminess though. The Mom attributed it to the mixture of barely rip durians with flour or mix-ins. Good not great somehow, did not blow me away. Bearable for the non-durian fan in me.

huating box

Hua Ting, Orchard Hotel
4 Bountiful Treasures

huating boxes

Each boxes up so prettily.

White Lotus with Macadamia Nuts

huating sliced

White lotus paste was a tad sweet but I particularly loved the even layer of baked dough. Smelt great too!

Lotus Paste with Single Yolk

One again the lotus paste was too sweet. Did not fancy the dry egg yolk much. Kudos given to the kitchen for the super centralized positioning of the yolk - at least it's an even distribution!

Seeds of Harmony (Assorted Nuts)

This was a lot sweeter than expected, proportion of ham and nuts to winter melon and orange peel was lopsided.
White Lotus Paste with Double Yolks

Same sweet lotus paste and dry yolks.

Not forgetting the must-have every single year...baked piglets! Got one from Da Zhong Guo this year - red ribbon round neck with black bean beady eyes. Took me off the radar with a fragrantly soft biscuit and lotus paste.

pig butt

No more rock hard biscuits like previous years. Still did not redeem itself enough for us to attempt their baked cousins again.

Here's wishing one and all a happy mid-autumn in advance! Maybe it's time to indulge in a little bit of childhood - take a lantern and walk around the neighbourhood with it. You'd be surprised how much you'd miss being a child all over again.

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  1. You bought Peony Jade's Mao Shan Wang Mooncake! I got their orh nee & pumpkin Teochew moooncake, mini snowskin lycheetini and champagne truffle. Indulged in way too many mooncakes this year... Durian for next year!

    The problem with hotel mooncakes is that the egg yolks are always too dry. Worst still, not salty at all! My pet peeve.

  2. haha yes I did! the mooncake munching continues... :x I've still got at least 7 pcs in the fridge! *Shivers*

    YAR!!! Actually so far only regent's is oily, the rest are so dry. T.T