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Mooncakes 2011 - The Food Bloggers' Way!

Here's the inaugural food blogger's mid-autumn gathering! We were missing out on Glenn and Elaine this year but nonetheless, we still had a field time tucking into mooncakes. Many thanks to Fen and Yuan for kindly accomodating us!

Regent Hotel, Summer Palace


White Lotus Paste with Double Yolk and Melon Seeds ($56++)

I particularly loved the compact design and birdcage bookmark they included in the concept - oh so pretty! Mooncakes shaped in rectangles are far and few so this was quite different in that aspect. While the lotus paste was smooth and a tad sweet, I thought Summer Palace pulled off a decent one here - loved the oily yolks too, gave this a smoother finish.


Jewels Artisan

Snowskin selection (8 pcs, $56.80)

The novel thing about Jewels is, you get to put together your personalised mini snowskin selection. Perfect for variety! Their mooncakes are sized so miniature, great for popping one into the mouth. Slicing it beyond quarts is a task not to be attempted - risk severely deformed mooncakes thereafter.

Mini Snow-skin Mooncake with Champagne Ganache Truffle

Was expecting a more potent punch with the champagne ganache truffle.

Mini Snow-skin Mooncake with Salted Caramel Truffle

Actually loved this best - rich and creamy salted caramel. Flavour was distinct.

Mini Snow-skin Mooncake with Dark Chocolate Crunch Pearl

None too spectacular.

Mini Snow-skin Mooncake with Espresso Truffle

Strong in flavour.

Mini Snow-skin Mooncake with Korean Black Garlic

The latest addition to the reportoire of flavours - acquired. Started off tasting like preserved prunes and the garlic kicks in with an overwhelming taste and smell. Not quite a fan of this, unfortunately. Overall Jewels' mooncakes were easy to eat and likeable.

Eater Palace

 eater palace

Orh nee mooncakes are not quite the rage this year - more of a passe flavour judging from the brands including it in the menu. Eater Palace, Zhen Wei and Peony Jade are the few consistent forerunners.

Crispy Yam Mooncake with Single Yolk Crispy Yam Mooncake with Pumpkin

I attempted these fresh off the oven at the fair and tried them when cooled and reheated. Surely a difference, especially in the pastry. Alot denser when the oil has settled with the mildly sweetened yam paste. Lacking in wow-factor somehow.

Mandarin Court, Mandarin Orchard

 mandarin court - iberico lamb

Baked Mooncake with Mixed Nuts and Jamon Iberico ($58+)

Normally not a fan of mixed nuts mooncake mainly because they come across as cloyingly sweet with too much orange peel. Yet Mandarin Court surprises. Jamon Iberico provided a nice balance of sweet and savoury with the generous amount of nuts packed in one mooncake.

mandarin court - white lotus paste

Baked Mooncake with Macadamia Nuts and Low Sugar White Lotus Paste ($50+)

Has to take the roll of honour for most outstanding mooncake from the few attempted this year - luxuriously smooth paste without being too sweet. Liked the addition of macadamia nuts too.

The other few attempted but did not make it to being pictured; Hilton Hotel I've always been a fan of Hilton's cheesecakes but did not have a chance at their cheesecake mooncakes to date.

 Hibiscus Orange Cheesecake Mooncake

Loved the combination - tangy and absolutely easy to love!

Berry Treat Cheesecake Mooncake

Yet another favourite - berrylicious combination of raspberry and cranberry with a delectable cheese mousse.

So that wrapped up the really hilarious and enjoyable gathering - to more enjoyable outings!

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  1. Yah lah haha come to think of it, Regent Hotel's White Lotus Paste with Double Yolk and Melon Seeds is not that bad afterall. I've eaten worse ones this year, like OMG!! Peach Garden! Winner for Worst Mooncake of 2011. Bleah.

  2. haha exactly my point! :P Really? For snowskin or baked? I was interested in their macaron mooncake...

  3. The baked skin mooncake was BAD. EPIC FAIL. Don't bother with their macaron snowskins either, totally not worth the calories. There are many other better mooncakes out there for you to eat, like Peony Jade's *drumroll... clap clap* Snow-Skin Kwai Fei Lychee-tini Ganache Mooncake! It's super yums and snowskin's incredible soft. Your favorite lychee-tini in a mini snowskin mooncake! *hic*

  4. Oh yes! Mandarin Orchard's Mini Snow Skin Lychee Martini Mooncake's really good as well! Potent white chocolate ganache! But for the skin itself, Peony Jade's softer & smoother. Go try both!

  5. ahhaha peony jade..pretty aloof service at their booth so makes it hard to even sample! :( ahaha, ima diehard cocktail addict. shall see if i can sink the pearlies into some before mid-autumn! else, i'll save it for next year! bwahahaha.