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JAMS @ Prologue

cookie tower

I'm into this whole craze about cafes - concept or not, just somewhere nice and cozy to shy away from the buzzing activity that everywhere central seems to boast of. It's just one of those modes that I want to be out on the street but not amongst hordes of people.

{Prologue} is Popular gone high class. JAMS is a cafe nested within {Prologue} overseeing Orchard..not the bestest view at 7th floor but perfect little place to rest the tired feet!

strawberry milkshake

Strawberry Milkshake ($8.50)

The portion of this has to be tiny and watered down as compared to Billy Bomber's potent milkshakes. Great for those who want their milkshakes and drink them without the calories.

carrot walnut

Apple Walnut Cake ($8)

Supposedly, signature. Fork-licking yummy Maple syrup frosting with apple walnut cake. Organic as it sounds, apple was mild..infact limited to the apple skins embedded. Would have passed off as Cedele's famous walnut carrot cake but slightly dry-er.

There is a cookie tin corner - so very Cookie Museum in that aspect. A couple of flavours that caught the eye (Gula Melaka Shortbread Gems, Nigella Cheddar Seasalt and Ruby Cranberry Orange...) The shortbread was a tad too crumbly and much like suggee cookie. Priced at $19 for small tins and $32 for large, it's a lifestyle yo! Samples satiate me for now.

Methinks cedele is supplying their icecreams and tea or even cakes..the presentation
looks uncannily similar. Till I try their seasalt caramel icecream...that should set things into perspective better! Liking this place...if only with a book in hand.

The second visit followed soon after and reaffirmed my suspicions on Cedele being the source of pastries and cakes - their loyalty card ads were plastered around the counter!

apple cobbler

Apple Cobbler ($9.50)
Apple Crumble, Seasalt Caramel Icecream

The crumble had the complete top marks look of a crumble, encrusted with crunchy crumbles all over...a jab of the fork released a cloud of smoke - hot fillings ahead!

apple crumble innards

Yet one bite was all I needed to seal the fate. The only traces of apple are limited to apple skins while the rest was pastry.

Seasalt caramel was slightly different from those attempted at Cedele - still delish but not as rich somehow.

iced latte

Every tea is not complete without a beverage.

Would love to be back...soon!

Prologue, Ion Orchard

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